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Andre Chaperon & Shawn Twing – The Traffic Engine Download

Andre Chaperon & Shawn Twing – The Traffic Engine

What You Get?

Download Andre Chaperon & Shawn Twing – The Traffic Engine

What You Get:
The emphasis of the course is learning effective, high-leverage strategies first (weeks one and two), and then implementing those strategies to create awareness, test offers, and gain customers with Google Ads search (weeks three and four), and Facebook (weeks five and six).
Week-seven will focus on maximizing revenue from existing traffic with Google Display Network and Facebook retargeting.
(To ensure that everyone is on the same page we are going to start with prospecting first, then add retargeting, which is different from the advice I gave on the 10-day free traffic training which I want to acknowledge.)
Week-eight will discuss optimization and scale.
The goal for the course is for participants to have at least one Google search prospecting campaign, one Facebook prospecting campaign, and GDN and Facebook retargeting campaigns created and driving traffic.
Other, related goals include:

  • The most important mistakes to avoid on each platform.
  • The critical factors that drive performance on each platform.
  • The few metrics that matter and how to calculate those metrics using free tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Sheets).
  • Strategies for service offers, ecommerce, digital offers, lead generation, and co-created offers.
  • Strategies specific to Sphere of Influence and Autoresponder Madness.
  • Testing strategies to inform offer messaging.
  • Frameworks and tools I use for idea generation and capture, content creation, reporting, and more.
  • (And a lot more I’m sure I’m forgetting…)

This first live cohort will include four Q&A / hot-seat calls with me. Exact dates have not yet been determined. However, I’ve included the weeks when each call will appear in the outline below.
(Q&A / hot-seat calls will be recorded and made available in the learning area.)
Content will remain accessible past week eight, and participants will have access to all future course updates as those are made available.
Each module will have comments to ask questions which I’ll answer regularly throughout the first eight weeks, then less frequently (but consistently) after that.
Course content will be a mix of written modules, screencasts, possibly video, and links to third-party resources I believe are valuable.
There’s also an upgrade version specifically for freelancers, agencies, and creative professionals who want to use The Traffic Engine for client work.
(The upgraded content appears below the core course schedule.)
[*I may decide to add additional content. If that were to happen, I’ll make sure that content is created within the eight-week timeframe.]

  • Bonus: Module 0 — The 30,000′ View of The Traffic Engine (Tuesday, April 7).
  • Core Module 1: Friday, Understanding Current Reality (April 10).
  • Core Module 2: Friday, Paid Traffic Principles (April 17).
  • Q&A Call #1
  • Bonus Module: Audience and Offer Masterclass
  • Core Module 3: Getting Started with Google Ads (Search) — Creating a Campaign (Friday, April 24).
  • Core Module 4: Google Ads (Search) — Metrics and Performance (Friday, May 1).
  • Q&A Call #2
  • Core Module 5: Getting Started With Facebook (Prospecting) — Creating a Campaign (Friday, May 8).
  • Core Module 6: Facebook — Metrics and Performance (Friday, May 15).
  • Bonus: Module 6.5 — Facebook Offer and Messaging Testing Framework (Friday, May 15).
  • Q&A Call #3
  • Core Module 7: Retargeting — Google Display Network + Facebook (Friday, May 22).
  • Core Module 8: Ongoing Optimization and Scale (Friday, May 29).
  • Q&A Call #4

Client-Services Upgrade (Add-On)

The following content is specific to the needs of freelancers, agencies, and creative professionals who will use The Traffic Engine on behalf of clients. This is in addition to the core training above.

  • Client-Services Module 1: Strategies for Finding and Working with Paid Traffic Clients (Google Ads and Facebook) — April 17.
  • Client-Services Module 2: Common Problems and Solutions (Including Pricing, Reporting, Managing Client Expectations and Communications) — May 1.
  • Client-Services Q&A / Hot-seat Call #1.
  • Client-Services Module 3: Getting Results for Clients Using The Traffic Engine (Prospecting and Retargeting) — May 15.
  • Client-Services Module 4: Growing Your Business and Your Clients’ Businesses (How to Think About Scale) — May 29.
  • Client-Services Q&A / Hot-seat Call #2.

The client-services upgrade also will include a curated list of additional resources (articles, books, idea summaries, videos, etc.) specific to working with clients.

Download will be MEGA Drive (246.2 MB)


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