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Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business Download

Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business

What You Get?

Download Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business

Getting Started

Why Buy then Build

Setting Up a Legal Entity (US)

Choosing Your Niche

Q&A: Do I Search Solo or With a Partner?

Q&A: Do I Need a Technical Co-Founder?

Q&A: Uneven Capital Contributions with a Partner


Sourcing Overview

Dealflow Sources – List of Marketplaces, Brokers, etc.

Proprietary Sourcing: List Building & Emailing Guide

Outbound Email Scripts

Paying Finder’s Fees

Building Outbound Target List Example Live

Building Outbound Target List Notes

Outbound Acquisition Targets Template

How to Find a Local Business to Buy

Live Sourcing Session + Q&A


Qualitative Diligence

Qualitative Deal Analysis Template

Financial / Quantitative Diligence

Financial Terms to Know

Financial Model Template (Quantitative Deal Analysis)

Due Diligence Questions

Legal Templates – NDA, LOI, APA, etc.

Diligence Checklist (Asset Sale)

Diligence Checklist (Equity Sale)

Due Diligence Q&A

Good Reasons for Selling

Green & Red Flags in a Deal

Live Deal Analysis & Growth Planning

Q&A: How Do I Protect Myself Against Fraud?

Valuation & Negotiation

Negotiation Walkthrough

Negotiation Flowchart

Valuing a Business

How to Value a Software Business

Revenue vs Profit Multiples

Valuation by Company Size

Managing Seller Expectations

Negotiation & Deal Structure Q&A

Deal Breakdown: Ottomatik

Deal Breakdown: Scout

Margin of Safety

SaaS at a Low Price

Q&A: Seller Wants a Crazy High Price. How to Talk Them Down?

Q&A: Should I Renegotiate After Learning Something in Diligence?

Q&A: How Do You Value a Business With No Revenue?

Q&A: How Do You Factor Technical Debt Into Your Valuation?

Q&A: How Do I Buy a Cash-Heavy Business?

Q&A: Should I Make a Deposit for the LOI?

Q&A: Should I Personally Guarantee a Seller Note?

Financing & Closing

Structuring a Deal

Structuring a Deal with Outside Investors

How to Find Investors

Building a Track Record

Real Sample PE Deal Structures

Transfer Worksheet Template Walkthrough

Asset & Login Transfer Template

Closing Mechanics & Escrow

General Transition Guide

How to Get a SBA Loan

How to Get Non-Dilutive Acquisition Financing (Guest Lecture)

SBA Loan for SaaS

Asset Purchase vs Equity Purchase

Planning to Exit

Financial Modeling for an Acquisition Deal (Guest Lecture)


Hiring & Managing Developers / Product Team

Hiring SEO Writers

SEO Writer Sample Job Description & Form

Constellation Software – Largest SaaS HoldCo

Minimizing Taxes on Exit

Structuring a Holding Company

Finding Your Competitive Advantage

Q&A: Should All Companies Be Separate or Together?

Q&A: Berkshire Inspired Private Equity Models  

Partner Deals & Discounts

Supercharge Your Growth

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