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Grant Baldwin – Get Inside Booked & Paid to Speak Download

Grant Baldwin – Get Inside Booked & Paid to Speak

What You Get?

Download Grant Baldwin – Get Inside Booked & Paid to Speak

Learn How to Consistently Find and Book Dream Speaking Engagements That Pay

What You’re Worth
You have a message you believe in.
You have the confidence to deliver it from stage.
And with Booked & Paid to Speak, you’ll finally have the system you need to consistently uncover profitable opportunities to share that message, even if…
You struggle with how much to charge, where to find gigs, and who to contact You’ve never (or rarely) been paid to speak You don’t have a large following, existing platform, or years of experience
Our students have been booked and paid to speak by organizations like…

If you’ve ever thought these 4 little words, you know exactly how it feels to be an aspiring speaker…
You might not be proud of it.
You might have resisted thinking it.
You might even feel a little scared admitting that it’s crossed your mind.
I’m talking about all the times when you’ve sat in an audience, listened to a speaker on stage, and thought…
“That should be me.”
(Other acceptable thoughts include,
“I could do that,” and “Is this guy for real?” )
Listen, when you have a message you’re passionate about, those kinds of thoughts don’t come from ego or pride. They come from the frustration of KNOWING you have a message people need to hear, but NOT knowing exactly how to get it in front of more people.
And every time you start gearing yourself up to finally get serious about pursuing more (or your first) paid speaking engagements, some combination of the following happens:

  • Your stomach turns at the thought of having to sell yourself
  • You’re not even sure how to contact the mythic “decision makers” who book speakers in the first place
  • When you finally do fire off a few scattered emails to event organizers you hear nothing but crickets or the occasional “no thanks”
  • Your day job—the one that actually pays the bills right now—says, “Hey, remember me?”
  • Between putting together a demo video and a halfway decent website, the tech side of things feels overwhelming
  • Get paid to share a message they’re passionate about all over the world
  • Transition from 9-to-5 work to a career that gives them the freedom and flexibility they crave
  • Supplement their existing business with paid speaking engagements (that also feed them a firehose of ideal clients and customers)

I mention those numbers for two reasons:

  • You deserve to know that I’ve actually practiced what I preach (and that I’m not just another online “guru”)
  • Since starting The Speaker Lab, I’ve seen over and over how attainable these kinds of career-altering numbers are for people in just about every industry imaginable—even though I never would have thought they were possible for someone like me.
  • “You’ve got a gift for this sort of thing!”
  • “You really should be a speaker.”
  • “I really needed to hear that—thank you.”

The 3-Step Blueprint for Landing Your First (or Next) Paid Speaking Engagement

No two speaking journeys are ever quite the same, but when you zoom out and look at successful speakers from a high level, you’ll see that they consistently nailed these 3 steps.
Step #1:
Pinpoint the right problem
you can solve.

The #1 mistake I see holding most speakers back is failing to identify—and clearly communicate—the true problem they can solve.
Whether you’re still trying to figure out exactly what you want to speak about or you’re an experienced speaker who’s been doing it for years, getting this right can make the difference between speaking a few times per year and several times per month.
So, how do you do it?

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