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James Friel – Hiring-Managing Like a Boss

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Knowing How To Hire Great People is only half the battle… Managing for Maximum Performance Is The other Half.
As an ambitious entrepreneur who’s committed to growing and scaling your business, you already know that you won’t get there on your own.
The success of your business over the long term hinges on you having a winning team.
And, even though you know that, managing a team and getting the most out of them has so far been easier said than done…
How do you create a winning culture where your team shows up and wants to crush it?
​How do you delegate so that things get done right without you?
​How do you make sure your team is accountable but doesn’t require micromanagement from you?
​How do you avoid having endless meetings and the feeling of running in circles?
​How do you show up as the leader you know you can be?

If you don’t have all These answers yet, You’re not alone
A majority of entrepreneurs view ‘employee management’ as an annoyance or a hindrance.
Some view their roles as a glorified job creator or babysitter with the weight of their team’s livelihood resting on their already overburdened shoulders.

What if it weren’t this way?
Going to work and having all the key information you need to make quick decisions waiting for you – exactly the way you like it, without you having to do the heavy lifting.
Never sacrificing 8 hours of sleep to fix problems because your team is well-equipped, able and willing to solve them without you in the picture – no babysitting, hand holding, or paranoia required.
Having open, effective and clear lines of communication with your team members – eliminating slowdowns and maximizing results.
Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

Now, You can learn the secrets of How Top 1% entrepreneurs create Self-Managed Teams
Entrepreneurs who build their businesses to scale, do ONE thing differently and extraordinarily well. They get deliberate and take charge of their most valuable asset – their team.
And now you can too.

“How do I Grow fast without burning out?”
​The answer is NOT some awesome software that makes your life easier…
​It’s certainly not relying on people always working longer and longer hours…
​It’s not more funding from VC’s or Investors or striking it rich with the latest product launch, joint venture or sales funnel.
Because while all those things can be massively helpful

They are only A PART of the equation.
Unless you’ve stepped up to become the highly engaged, hands-on leader who creates the right culture….
…and leads your team of people equipping them for massive contribution, ownership, and who can make important decisions without you…
The dream of the business you’ve tirelessly been working for will remain just that. An unrealized vision at the expense of burnout.
Bringing with it the heavy costs of unengaged and under-managed leadership such as
​High employee and contractor turnover
​Rockstars quitting unexpectedly because they have a better offer
​Personality conflicts at work that hamper progress and completion.
​Projects getting pushed back and impacting the bottom line.

Introducing Managing Like A Boss
In many entrepreneurial circles, culture is a buzzword that is often talked about but not well understood. Yet, creating a winning culture is one of the surest ways to guarantee the success of your business.
Come away with:

  • ​Knowing how to choose among the 4 types of cultures that map back to your management style.
  • Understanding how to get your team to get fully bought into your Vision, Values, and Standards.

Not only does life suck when you have to do everything yourself, but your business doesn’t grow as fast as it’s capable of either. Running your business without being confident when you delegate is like trying to try to run a marathon while breathing through a drinking straw; exhausting and unnecessary.

  • ​A clear understanding of the Delegation Triangle which makes sure that your team always has clear expectations and can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Ultra-simple, yet powerful tools that will make sure your team has done ALL of the heavy lifting before things get to you.
  • ​A framework for reporting and measuring that will keep you in control EVEN when you’re not the one doing the work.

Let’s face it. As an entrepreneur, the last thing in the world you want to spend your time doing is sitting in meetings when you can be getting things done. Meetings can be incredibly powerful, but only when they drive forward outcomes that are important for your goals.
Come away with:

  • ​Understanding the different types of meetings you and your team actually need and which ones can easily be left behind.
  • ​Templates, examples and best practices for each type of meeting so that your entire team is clear on the purpose of each and every interaction.
  • Knowing how to get the best contributions from your entire team regardless of whether they are loud and talkative, quiet and reserved or anywhere in between.

According to a recent Gallup poll, a staggering 85% of employees report being disengaged at work. That means for the average business owner or entrepreneur, of every dollar you spend on labor, $0.85 is going to waste. Your team, whether employees or contractors, local or virtual, part-time or full-time need to be managed to achieve their best performance.

  • Knowing how to identify and help the people on your team play to their strengths.
  • ​Simple strategies that work for evaluating compensation, promotions and performance reviews.
  • The 3 key things you need to know about everyone who works for you.

It’s time to dig into and learn about the other people in your business. Teammates, contractors, partners and even investors. Learn and understand how to read people immediately and change your approach as the situation dictates.

  • ​Action steps on how to navigate critical conversations with ease.
  • ​A clear understanding of what causes workplace drama and how to put it to an end once and for all.
  • How to get your people more engaged in their work, more consistently.
    ​Influence other people in an effective way for THEM.

Here’s What You Will Receive With:

The no-Hype, Zero Fluff System Designed to get Maximum performance from your biggest asset – your people

  • ​How to get your team to act as a collective unit, play to their superpower strengths, know their kryptonite, leverage the two and work harmoniously.
  • ​How to define clear roles and responsibilities so that employees know where they fit and what they’re responsible for.
  • ​How to create effective, clear and open lines of communication to keep the ‘flywheel’ of your business moving and reducing friction between you and the employees.
  • The ONE tool used to identify if your employees need a role change, additional training or dismissal.
  • ​Assess the number of team meetings you truly need, how to get clarity on goals, objectives, objective ownership and measurable results required to keep everyone moving toward the company vision.
  • ​Use the 4-step perfect delegation framework before you execute a single task on your launch calendar – save hours and work on tasks that fall into your ‘zone of genius’ using this framework.

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