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Jason Fladlien – Product eClass 2022 Download

Jason Fladlien – Product eClass 2022

What You Get?

Download Jason Fladlien – Product eClass 2022

The 3rd Party Profit Model

Subject matter experts are a dime a dozen. What is rare is a marketer who knows how to extract the real value and market that expertise. That is you after this very first session! You’ll discover:

  • Why there is no relationship between being good and getting paid – and how to fix that so you can get paid and be good.
  • In spite of the fact there are millions of YouTube videos and Podcasts for free, people still buy info products to the tunes of tens of millions of dollars per day. Once you understand the hidden why for this, it will change everything for you!
  • The 6 step process for taking someone else’s knowledge and proof and turning it into a product, complete with a sales pitch – in record time, and where everyone wins (You, the customer, and the expert)!

Backend Profits

The worst way to make money in the information business is with a new customer. For myself and my Product eClass clients, we typically make six, or seven figures with only hundreds of customers. You can too, once you tap into what every other info product seller is missing.

  • The only 3 ways you can grow your business– and how much of your time to focus on each of these areas for the quickest growth with the least amount of effort.
  • The “sharp right turn” you must make after you sell your first information product if you want to snowball your success to turn one-off money-getting into true avalanche-like profits.
  • The one type of information buyer found in every market that is worth at last 212 times the average customer. Just focus on these types and you won’t want for anything ever again.

Traffic Deep Dive

Getting traffic to your products seems to be the hardest thing for most struggling internet marketers, who never end up making any money in their online business. This drives me nuts because – if you follow my approach – traffic will become the easiest part of your business.

  • Why the best traffic is not for sale and can’t be bought on Facebook, Google, or anywhere else... but you can get it and get lots of it right away if you do this….
  • The one dead-simple traffic hack my top earning Product eClass clients have used over the last 9 years– just do this and your investment in Product eClass with pay for itself hundreds of times over.
  • How to use your new-found product creation skills to get high-quality traffic in droves that is out of reach of even the savviest digital marketers who think they know everything.

High Ticket Products

In whatever niche you choose to play, 20% of the customers in that market spend 80% of its money. While most customers are scared to spend a couple bucks on an info product, there are some customers who won’t bat an eye on dropping $2,000.

  • How to spot and lock in on the “1 in 10” customer who will spend 50x as much on a product, if you just make this one slight tweak. 
  • Less is more… how the top spenders in any market are the easiest to please, and the products you can sell them actually take the least amount of time and work to create (double the profit in half the time).
  • Case study after case study of how we are able to go into markets as complete strangers and immediately sell products 10-100x times more expensive than everyone else – and get happier customers, too! (Don’t be creative, just model me.)

The Webinar Method

Most webinars suck, and most people who try to do webinars struggle for hundreds of hours only to fall flat on their face. That’s because they don’t know what you’ve discovered in the previous Product eClass sessions. Now we integrate those lessons with this webinar formula – and it’s the fastest path to seven figures from scratch in less than 12 months.

  • How to shift a low ticket product into a free webinar that writes itself and out-converts and out-values the slickest, seasoned pitchmen.
  • Why the webinar is the single greatest tool you can use online, but only if you do it my way… (Every secret I’ve learned from $100 million dollars of webinar sales is finally laid bare at your feet. Plunder to your heart’s content.)
  • Throw out the expensive software, tech, and tools. You can do everything with free software that you won’t even need to watch an instructional video to figure out how to use.

Bigger Traffic Bigger Profits

Now you’re ready to turn the traffic faucet on. Until this point, we focused on quality traffic – how to get millions from small, underserved, highly responsive audiences. Now we ramp up the quantity, so you can see an exponential explosion in profits.

  • Paid advertising demystified once and for all – why 99% of traffic buyers are guaranteed to fail, and why you’re now destined to succeed.
  • I’ve analyzed 1,617 ad campaigns selling information products. From that, I’ve identified 17 universal patterns that show up again and again. Of those 17, there are just four you should focus on to get immediate profit and momentum. Then add in the other 13 to scale to the moon.
  • 3 little-known places teeming with buyers that almost everyone overlooks. In the land of the blind, even with one bad eye, you can rule. Ruling in these places means lots of profits and lots of happy customers.


The $100 Million Dollar Slide Deck

This is the exact Keynote / PPT slide deck I use to sell things on webinars and to deliver video content, seminar presentations and other visual information.

You get the deck in both Keynote and PowerPoint format to use, modify, tweak and publish as you see fit.

Total “Tech” Training

Don’t know how to set up a single web page? Or how to take payment? What about delivering your product for download?

The tech stuff is easy if you have it broken down step by step from someone who has done it hundreds of times.

That’s us at Rapid Crush! We don’t assume you know a single thing or have any experience putting anything on the internet. But in a short afternoon we can show you exactly how to do everything worth doing to build your digital empire!

The “Master” Content Cheatsheet

Every product I’ve ever created – ebook, audio, video, etc. – all follows the exact same system for laying out and teaching content.

It’s a formula, and I made a cheatsheet for you to follow this formula, step by step. Think of creating your info products as putting a puzzle together. Most people don’t have the right pieces nor do they have the picture of what the puzzle should look like.

You, on the other hand, have both – the exact, fewest number of pieces needed and the overall picture. Putting together info products is now as easy as a child’s puzzle.

Offer Enchantment

There is a way to structure your offers so someone will feel downright dumb if they don’t buy. With the right approach, you can make your product feel as if you’re selling a dollar for a dime.

Last year, I was brought in to do a 16 hour training on webinars to a $30,000 per person mastermind. What happened was the audience latched on mostly to the section of how to create such powerful offers.

The result is, for the first time ever, I did a total deep dive on creating what I call “offers that enchant.”

Best of all, instead of cutting up the offer portion of the two day training, I’m just going to give you the full training.

Swipe Files, Templates, Case Studies and more!

Want to know the best questions to ask an expert to create a high quality audio-info product? I got you covered.

What about creating sales letters – is there is a fill in the blank, paint by numbers approach? Well, with me there is!

How about giving you actual real world examples for everything I teach so you can see how it looks in the wild, not just in theory or in the lab. Done. You get all this and more when you sign up now.

Download will be MEGA Drive (6.12 GB)


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