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Jon Antony – Blog Money Blueprint

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Let Me Show You How I Make $47,338.81 Per Month in Passive Income “Working” For Less Than 30 Minutes A Day…

I’m Not A Writer, But I Run My Own Blog (And You Can Too!)

It’s time to create a recession-proof, COVID-proof, and LIFE PROOF online income, that PASSIVELY rakes in $5,000 or more each and every month!

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy the Blog Money Blueprint course today:
  • Generate Passive Income – Learn EXACTLY How to Generate Thousands of Dollars Per Month in Passive Income (So You Can Literally Make Money While You Sleep!)
  • Quit Your 9-5 Job – Discover How Students All Over The World Are LEAVING The Rat Race Once And For All, And Making A 6-Figure Income From Working Online At Home!
  • Step-by-Step Guide – Peek Behind The Curtain As I Reveal The EXACT Process I Use to Make Well Over $15,000/month Online With A Blog!

Module 1 – The Blogtrepreneur’s Mindset

In this module, you’ll understand the “mindset secrets” that every successful blogger understands… and that once YOU understand, will help you build a 6-figure blogging empire.
  • 99% of new bloggers FAIL because they start with the wrong mindset. I’ll show you exactly how to think, plan, and strategize like a millionaire blogger, so you’ll execute at hyper-speed and build bulletproof business confidence.
  • Transform your blog into a lucrative business with my mental roadmap to success​that makes failure almost IMPOSSIBLE! (By the way, this kind of advanced personal development will obliterate all roadblocks and distractions for almost everything you do in life.)
  • Learn the EXACT goal-setting process that I use, to NEVER feel lost or confused over what to do next. EVERY successful person I know does some form of this. And I’ve carefully designed this process to help you build unstoppable momentum so you make more and more every month. You’ll be amazed at how much you can potentially start earning in just a few weeks.
  • The 3 key milestones you MUST hit for your blog to do 6-figures in your first year. Missing just 1 of these is the kiss of death. Nail all 3 and you could be on pace to do at least $100k a year less than 90 days from now.
  • Action is WAY more important than theory. That’s why I organized this course into simple, practical steps so there’s nothing to hold you back or slow you down. The sooner your blog is up and running, the sooner you can turn in your 2-weeks, flip your boss the birdie, and NEVER be a wage slave to the 9-5 again.
  • If you follow all my instructions, and internalize the mindset laid out in this module, you’ll have a blog filling your bank account before most newbies can even write their first article.

Module 2 – The 5-Step Blogging Blueprint

n this module, you’ll discover the simple 5-step process that dozens of guys have used to go from “zero” to “6-figure blog” in just under a year! No need for guesswork, as you can just follow the EXACT 5-step process I used to scale my blog from $0 to over $15k/month!
  • Building a million-dollar blog is easier than you think (although fake “gurus” like to complicate the process to make themselves feel good). I’ve broken down the process of constructing a profitable blog into 5 critical steps that make it simple, quick, and almost impossible to screw up.
  • Harness the power of the NICHE. I’ll show you why creating a blog around a specific niche will make blogging easy while building a loyal audience that hangs on your every word.​I’ll even break down examples of good and bad niches along the way — so you know exactly what does and doesn’t work (more on niches in a second).
  • What sort of content should you write? Guides? Reviews? I’ll teach you the “Golden Ratio of Content.”​A brilliant shortcut that reveals exactly what you should write to maximize traffic and boost profits.
  • WARNING: Uncover the #1 MISTAKE​that most new bloggers make in their first 3-6 months. This single gaffe forces them to quit before they even make a single buck online.
  • Can’t think of a niche for your blog? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a dozen hand selected niches​you can pick from so you don’t have to think twice about it.
  • Too much or too little monetization can KILL your blog. I’ll show you the secret “sweet spot” that keeps the money flowing while keeping your audience happy. You’ll strike the perfect balance so you never stomp on your own profits or scare away a single visitor.
  • Get the key to attracting a TON of new visitors to your blog without being glued to the keyboard pumping out new content every day. I leverage this little-knock trick to bring in 4,000+ newbies to my blog DAILY!

Module 3 – Finding A Profitable Niche

The nicher you are the richer you are. In this module you’ll learn exactly how to pinpoint the perfect niche for YOU, to make thousands of dollars online, AND do it by writing about something you love!
  • How to use the “3 F’s” to pick the perfect niche. Nail this, and writing posts will be 10x easier, you’ll drive exponentially more customers to your blog, and you’ll have money coming in each month like clockwork.
  • I’ll explain why you should NEVER try to build a “brand” when you first start, and why this poisonous mindset will RUIN your chances of success before you even brainstorm your first big blog.
  • Discover the key to EXPLOSIVE growth that will attract readers like a magnet, and make you $3,000/month within your FIRST 6 months of blogging.
  • Beat the big companies at their own game — WITHOUT competing with them directly. You’ll learn how to outmaneuver industry giants (as well as every other blog in your niche). You won’t compete, you’ll dominate.
  • Uncover a “low-effort, high-reward” niche. One that has little competition and MASSIVE profit potential. You’ll capture the market and make it yours with an army of loyal fans BEGGING to buy whatever your blog’s selling. (In just a minute, I’ll show you 3 tried-and-true ways to make $$$ with a blog).

Module 4 – Building Your Blog from Scratch

Get everything you need to launch your blog while skipping over time-sucking tasks. It literally doesn’t get any easier and faster than this.
  • Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry. I’ll guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. You’ll see how a professional blog is built from the ground up so you can get yours up and running ASAP (all without forking over a fortune for help).
  • First, I’ll show you how to pick an irresistible domain (the name of your blog). Something memorable that will get your niche frothing at the mouth to see what you have to say. Then I’ll show you the #1 registrar service to push it live for less than a cup of coffee (most waste hundreds of dollars on this very same service).
  • SCARY TRUTH: some of the most talented bloggers in the world don’t make a dime online due to the look and feel of their website. Discover how to pick the perfect “theme” (how your website looks) that makes your blog wildly attractive to your audience. After this, you’ll have a slick looking site that people will go out of their way to visit.
  • Should you get a free theme or invest in a premium theme? Here I’ll show you my top 3 recommended free themes and 2 paid themes​that give you the best bang for your buck. You’ll have a professional-looking blog, no matter your budget.
  • There are 7 mission-critical plugins you NEED to run a successful blog. Plugins (they’re like apps for your blog) can help you generate free traffic, build trust with your audience, unlock profit-boosting data, and MUCH MORE. With these seven plugins, you’ll have all the info you need to make big money right at your fingertips.
  • And I’ll even show you how to install everything. I’ve included over-the-shoulder videos of me going through every step, so you can set up your blog and launch it with ZERO stress.

Module 5 – How to Monetize Your Blog

Transform your blog from “live” to “lucrative” OVERNIGHT. Here we’ll unlock 3 proven revenue streams that bring in bundles of money on their own — and can even be stacked together to MULTIPLY your income.
  • If you want to quit your day job as soon as possible, PAY ATTENTION! You’ll need to master the 3 easiest strategies to monetize your blog. I’ll give you a primer on all 3: digital products, affiliate advertising, and coaching services. You’ll have a solid understanding of each so you have multiple income streams growing your business like crazy.
  • I’ll also show you the 3 biggest mistakes I made​when I first started monetizing my blog, and how falling into the same traps can RUIN your progress. You’ll learn which sneaky pitfalls to avoid, and cruise through this process as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Funnels are a wild world of their own. I’ll give you the ideal sales funnel for all 3 revenue streams to seamlessly drive traffic (new customers) to your blog, then to your content, and finally to your money-making services. It’s simple and easy to set up — and it’s really all you need to generate 6 figures a year. In other words, you’ll have a steady supply of loyal readers AND paying customers coming in on autopilot.
  • Create a digital product that will sell for years to come (without worrying about shipping and handling). With a little work upfront, digital products are an amazing way to position yourself as an expert while living large off the passive income.​You’ll also make a lasting impact with your audience. (Ever want to write a best-selling book?)
  • How to make boatloads of money through affiliate advertising. I’ll show you how to get paid by referring your audience to products created by others, so you don’t have to do ANY of the product creation, shipping, handling, or fulfillment! I make at least $10,000 per month in passive income just by using this method ALONE!
  • Coaching for cash. Help members of your audience achieve their goals and make $200/hour (that’s more than a doctor, by the way) while building connections and finding future clients. You can even make $50/hour from home at the very start, with MINIMAL traffic! Not required, but a lucrative option for those who want to go “all-in” online or “all-out” offline.

Module 6 – Writing Articles That Rank & Pay

No need to spend a fortune on ads or reek of desperation begging friends and family to check out your blog. Here you’ll learn a simple formula to create irresistible content on-demand and how to get DROVES of strangers glued to your blog, forking over their hard-earned cash to YOU!
  • I’m going to give you the ground-breaking tool which will shape the way you structure content and make it so every article you post is a total cash cow: The SILO Structure. This is by far the most important lesson I learned from running my own blog. A sophisticated strategy you can duplicate that ensures long-term traffic and generates passive income.
  • The SILO structure also reveals a world-class SEO strategy you can use to attract people to your blog for free, even if you’ve never heard of SEO before.
  • Most blogs are unorganized messes. But once you use the SILO method to structure your content, your blog will be a well-oiled, traffic-gaining MACHINE.​And Google will IGNORE all your competitors, while funneling thousands of new customers to your blog PER DAY (for free!)
  • I’ve also provided worksheets to help you create your own SILO structure, making the process of implementing this so easy a kindergartner could do it!
  • The goal isn’t just to be the #1 result on Google… but also #2, #3, #4, or even the entire front page.​SILO is your secret weapon to occupying Google’s most valuable real estate by structuring your content so it DROOLS over it. Do this and Google will happily send thousands of strangers to your blog EVERY DAY!

Module 7 – Adding Rocket Fuel to Your Blog’s Traffic

Making money in blogging is about two things. First, generating traffic, and THEN monetizing it. Here you’ll learn the “growth hacks” I’ve used to generate a blogging empire that gets over 100,000+ new customers per MONTH, generating THOUSANDS of dollars while I sleep!
  • Learn the 3 ways to grow your audience​as quickly as possible. Here we’ll cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media like Twitter or Instagram, and word of mouth. I’ll give you a solid understanding of all three, and which ones you should FOCUS on to make the most of every second you spend building your blog.
  • I’ll show you the SEO strategy that gets me 100,000+ new visitors per month,​so you can structure your blog to get TONS of free traffic online. I’ll also show you the 2 most important keys to “compounding” that traffic, and growing it to record levels.
  • Get a CRYSTAL CLEAR comparison of the top 3 social media channels (and how to dominate each one): YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Plus, I’ll cover 2 emerging platforms that could become your biggest breadwinners if you play your cards right…
  • Uncover how to build everlasting trust through social media (nobody will buy from someone they don’t believe in). Instead of becoming a slave to these platforms, I’ll show you how to be “Semi-Active,” creating the bare minimum posts while growing a loyal following​that’s head over heels for your content.
  • Is YouTube the second coming? The numbers say so. I’ll show you how to master the platform to drive loads of traffic to your blog. You won’t even need any expensive equipment, let alone a $1,000+ camera.​And I’ll tell you exactly how many videos to upload per month to make the juice worth the squeeze. (HINT: It’s WAY less than you think!)

Module 8 – Using Lead Acquisition to 10x Your Profits

Get crowds of total strangers coming to your blog around the clock and sticking around to buy whatever you’re selling. This funnel shuttles your ideal audience to your blog for you, and helps you make more $$$ per visitor.
  • The #1 reason blogs don’t make money​is because they don’t have what’s called a “sales funnel,” which means the blog owners have to do 10x more work for 1/10th of the results. Not you, though – after buying this course and watching this module, you’ll understand exactly how to build a “blogging machine” that converts visitors into cash FOR YOU, even while you sleep.
  • You’ll learn to understand the “Customer’s Journey”​- a critical concept that will help you take your profits to the next level. There are 3 different types of “customers,” and I’ll show you how to target the ones who are MOST likely to buy your stuff, saving you both money AND time!
  • More traffic doesn’t always mean more money. Find out how to adjust your blog’s articles so you get more “HOT Traffic” (the people most likely to buy your products). True story: I used this concept to turn 15 views per day into $2,500/month
  • Building your customer avatar – learn the essential tool that expert marketers use to understand their audience. I’ll show you how to get deep inside their mind like a master psychologist, and craft content that they can’t help but DEVOUR from start to finish. This is the ONLY way to connect with your audience, WITHOUT being manipulative!
  • How to write with passion and authority, and create ENTHRALLING blog posts your audience loves to read, share, and talk about… even if you flunked English!
  • Get an introduction to Email Marketing, the #1 best way to earn money online. I’ll teach you how to build a list of committed buyers who will be STARVING to buy your products. All you have to do is tap “send” and rake in the dough.

Module 9 – The Ultimate White Hat SEO Master Class

Get your blog plastered on the first page of Google, so people from every corner of the earth find it (without even looking). This is how businesses like HuffPost and Buzzfeed rapidly earned MILLIONS of readers and dollars without spending a dime on advertising.
  • Search Engine Optimization is the easiest and most reliable way to get free traffic. Discover the secrets of standing out amidst BILLIONS​of Google search results. Get this right and you can literally “steal” traffic from just about any competitor.
  • Crack the code on the Google algorithm. You’ll learn about the inner workings of Google, what they look for, and the 3 biggest ranking criteria​their algorithm uses to evaluate websites, along with examples of great topics to blog about, that can deliver you piles of traffic on a silver platter.
  • SEO is a complex subject I’ve simplified so much that even your deadbeat cousin could understand the ins and outs of it at a breakneck pace. Use the tips and tricks inside to drive massive traffic to your blog without wasting time on anything technical. You’re about to learn strategies that took me 5 years to uncover in just a few days.
  • Discover the MASTER KEY to make small blogs win BIG on Google. There’s only 3 metrics you need to keep your eye on for your blog to SOAR in the rankings, and get thousands of new customers DAILY.
  • Master how to craft content that gets clicks. Discover how to create blog titles that arouse insatiable curiosity in your visitors so they can’t help but read every single word you post.
  • My site has over 250 articles, many of which make me more than $100/day. That equates to $36k/year from just ONE article.​In other words, SEO is one of the most important skills on the web. The price of this whole course is worth it for just THIS one module alone.

Module 10 – Digital Product Auto-Pilot Guide

Now that you know the wealth of opportunity to get rich online, let me show you how to multiply your income by creating courses, e-Books, and other digital products. Create them just ONCE and you can rack in cash until the end of time.
  • I’m going to show you how to create a digital product from beginning to end. All the way from coming up with an initial idea, to finding the right platform, and marketing and monetizing it. In fact, it’s possible to finish your product and snatch up profits in less than a week​(IF you follow this module VERY closely).
  • I’ll show you what great graphic design looks like so you can grab readers by the eyeballs and hold their interest until you’re ready to let go. I’ll teach you how to find a good graphic designer (even if you’re on a budget) who can create a striking book cover, course handout, or whatever else you need.
  • Speaking of which… have you never written an e-Book before? No problem. I’ll walk you through the whole process, from outlining your book to the ideal word count and page length. How to format your book and the optimal price point to supercharge sales. I’ve streamlined the process so anyone can put their ideas into words and get their book out there LIGHTNING fast.
  • The 3 steps you must master to design a world-class marketing campaign that will sell your e-Book, course, or any product you create like HOTCAKES.
  • How to use a hosting service that will deal with automatic payments, so you can kick back and relax while it pours money into your bank, on autopilot, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Module 11 – Affiliate Advertising Advanced Tactics

You don’t have to sell your own stuff to add commas to your monthly income. Here’s how you can make a killing by recommending other people’s products, so you don’t even have to make one yourself!
  • Learn how to generate a ton of money by promoting almost any product you want. I’ll show you how to sign up for your first affiliate program in seconds. One good article can you make you THOUSANDS of dollars in affiliate income in just one day!
  • How to find GOOD affiliate programs and avoid the scammy ones. WARNING: Not understanding this cost me over $100,000 in income (a mistake I’ll reveal to you in-depth when you buy this course…)
  • The 3 best affiliate programs​I recommend that will make you substantial passive income even if you’re just starting off. These are the 3 affiliate programs that EVERYONE should sign up for.
  • How to design affiliate pages that build MASSIVE trust among your readers, helping you stand out among the competition and boosting your SEO just by making your blog look a little bit sexier.
  • Keywords are key. Discover how to research great products that don’t have much keyword competition, so you can jump in and take over. Plus, don’t be scared of competitive keywords! Soon you’ll be a keyword powerhouse (even if you’ve never heard of them before), making money in the most competitive markets.

Module 12 – Understanding Important Plugins

Plugins are like “apps” for your blog, and the right “app” can make your life 10x easier. Here you’ll discover the 7 most mission critical plugins that I used to scale my blog from $0 to over $15,000 per month.
  • Learn how I leveraged these 7 critical plugins​to literally outrank BODYBUILDING.COM for a very specific keyword that generates over $100/day on autopilot (HINT: it’s easier than you think)
  • Discover the best SEO plugin​to 10x your blog traffic, and funnel a steady stream of eager customers to hand you their cold hard cash. Just using this one plugin can easily double or triple your blog’s traffic within a matter of WEEKS!
  • Google Search Console – learn how to use this lesser known tool to literally double your traffic IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. No joke! By understanding a simple metric called “CTR” or “Click Through Rate,” you can laser-focus specific articles that have HUGE potential for increases!
  • Learn the best SSL plugin​to make your website SECURE. In other words, it “encrypts” your website (behind the scenes), which signals to Google that your website is trustworthy, causing them to show your website to literally thousands of new visitors each day.

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