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Kim Kraus Schwalm – Copywriting Velocity

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Copywriting Velocity Copy Intensive

Kim Krause Schwalm presents her approach to writing successful control promos to an intimate group of copywriters and marketers. Copywriting superstar Carline Anglade-Cole and top email marketing expert “Big Jason” Henderson are also in the audience and contribute many tips as well. Kim covers everything from research to coming up with the big idea to tips for structuring and writing engaging, persuasive copy that sells.

Module #1: The Art and Science of Writing Headlines

Kim Krause Schwalm shows you how to write compelling headlines that demand attention and get your copy read in this Copywriting Velocity training module, including…

  • Nine types of killer headlines, with actual promo examples of each one
  • “Which headline won?” real-life tests (the winners may surprise you!)
  • Secrets to using a unique mechanism successfully in your headline
  • How to decide what type of headline works best for your product and market
  • Eye-opening critiques on headlines to help make yours far stronger
  • And much more!

Module #2: Secrets to Writing Leads

Kim Krause Schwalm shows you how to write leads that hook prospects early on and prime them to buy in this Copywriting Velocity training module, including:

  • The six most powerful types of leads (plus specific examples and an analysis of what makes them work)
  • Five easy opening sentences that get your copy read (plus how I used one of these opening sentences to get a hot new control!)
  • The three essential things your lead MUST do well. Hooks your prospects early and DOUBLES your chances of making a sale
  • How to determine which type of lead is best for your product and market
  • And much more!

Module #3: The Truth About Fascinations

Kim Krause Schwalm shows you how to write intriguing fascinations and maximize their selling power in this Copywriting Velocity training module, including:

  • 27 fascination formulas that will help your bullets write themselves (plus examples of each type)
  • Why you should write lots of fascinations no matter what you’re selling
  • 10 rules for writing fascinations that make your prospect insatiably curious
  • How to adapt your best fascinations into headlines, email subject lines, sidebars, or even your main hook (plus examples)
  • Fascination-writing exercises and critiques you can apply to your own bullets
  • And much more!

Module #4: Powerful Offers and Closes

Kim Krause Schwalm shows you how to write sizzling-hot offer and close copy that make it almost impossible for your prospect not to buy in this Copywriting Velocity training module, including:

  • The four primary types of offers (plus do’s and don’ts for each!)
  • How to structure your offer and give it the best shot of handing you a control—while maximizing your royalties
  • Top tips for a great guarantee including examples
  • The most essential elements for a killer close—plus a deep analysis of the close section in one of my hottest current controls
  • Examples and breakdowns of upsells, cross-sells, and down-sells used in highly successful funnel copy that’s working right now
  • And much more!

Module #5: Evolution of a Control

In this training, you’ll get to see me break down a successful anti-aging VSL control from beginning to end!

When I first began working with my copywriting mentees, I had recently written a promotion for a division of Agora for an anti-aging supplement. Because the research and writing process was still fresh in my mind, I did an in-depth training session on it.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover:

  • How to gain an unstoppable edge by getting what you need in your “start kit”—plus other essentials you should request that many copywriters don’t think to ask for!
  • Why you should always go beyond what the client gives you. Here’s where else to look for the best studies and other proof elements to boost your copy’s power.
  • How I analyzed the current control I was up against—and identified its strengths and weaknesses. (You can use this same process for every new promo you write!)
  • The actual research article that sparked my “big idea”—and handed me a hot new control. (I take you from initial “spark” to finding the right story to use in my lead).
  • The exact emails I used with my client to move the approval process along quickly and sell them on my desired copy platform. (Many less experienced copywriters flub these communications up!)
  • Why I structured the promo the way I did—plus the thinking that went into the order of ingredients presented.
  • Where I first introduced the product in the VSL—and what you should always take into consideration when deciding when to introduce yours in any long-form promotion.
  • The specific ingredient naming strategy I used to set the product apart from the competition. (You can make even the most common and boring ingredients sound new and unique when you do this!)
  • The simple close trick that makes your prospect act NOW (no, it’s NOT a deadline!)
  • How to “throw down the gauntlet” in your close copy. This strategy takes “future pacing” to an even more effective level. Plus the actual copy in my promo that did this.
  • And much more! 

This 90-minute training session gives you a rare inside glimpse into how an A-list copywriter approaches a new project…does the research…comes up with the big idea…and then makes all the strategic decisions necessary to craft a successful control. It’s the next best thing to looking over my shoulder as I write it!

Bonus Interview with Lee Euler

Lee Euler is the founder of the premier, fast-growing supplement company Green Valley Natural Solutions. Plus he runs a publishing business called “Cancer Defeated”.

Lee is also a fantastic copywriter in his own right and spent years freelancing before starting his own information publishing business and then launching his supplement company.

In fact, you’re likely familiar with some of Lee’s legendary controls, including his incredibly successful Agora financial promo “Plague of the Black Debt”.

I sat down with Lee in an hour-long group mentoring call, and he generously provided many insights on copywriting as well as valuable tips for up-and-coming copywriters. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this frank, revealing interview:

  • How to beat other copywriters more often. This strategy is exactly how Lee came up with the big idea for his unbeatable “Plague of the Black Debt” blockbuster control.
  • Two elements you should ALWAYS include at the beginning of your promo…plus a third essential element that can throw its persuasion power over the top!
  • The first thing Lee does as soon as his research phase is over. (It almost always helps you spot the most effective hook for your promo!)
  • Where to find great ideas for your copy or promo. Even the top A-listers get “stuck” sometimes and do this.
  • How the market sophistication for supplement copy has changed. What you must do now to ensure you’re taking the right copy approach.
  • The Agora “success secret”. They do this one thing every time they get a winner—and you can do it, too, for your business, no matter how small.
  • Do this one thing and increase your customer lifetime value. Here’s what Lee’s company does with their first-time buyers…and how it can boost your bottom line.
  • Best way for a copywriter to get their “foot in the door” with a top supplement company. Lee doesn’t hold back on exactly what you should do—and NOT do!
  • The REAL reason copy fails. The most frequent mistake copywriters make that can spell death for your promo.
  • Lee’s recommended daily habit for working copywriters today. You may be surprised to hear what it is…and it’s actually something you might have fun doing!
  • The single most annoying thing copywriters do that drives Lee crazy. (It could be driving your clients nuts, too—and making them less likely to hire you again!)
  • How Lee deals with writer’s block. Use this recommended tactic and you’ll get that copy written, no matter how “blocked” you’re feeling.
  • And much more!

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