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Rob Lennon – Build Powerful GPTs Course Download

Rob Lennon – Build Powerful GPTs Course

What You Get?

Download Rob Lennon – Build Powerful GPTs Course

  • Master the art of building powerful GPTs: Go from beginner to advanced techniques to configure GPTs to consistently produce the quality responses you want.

  • Equip your GPTs with knowledge: Learn both basic and advanced tricks for using files with GPTs and how to stop them from making stuff up.

  • Step up your game with advanced techniques: Dial in your bot’s personality and behavior with proven techniques that’ll leave you saying, “wow.”

  • Troubleshoot the tricky problems: Resolve complex issues like hallucinations and not following instructions using science-backed tactics.

By the end, you’ll be able to create a team of GPTs that make you better, faster, stronger in areas that move the needle for you.

What’s inside Build Powerful GPTs?

Bot Builder Blueprint:

Before we dive into the advanced work, get a solid set of foundations.

  • Learn the 3 main types of GPTs and how to use them to max potential

  • Discover how to format and structure your GPT prompts for different types of tasks and use cases

  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when setting up your GPT instructions

By the end of the first module, you’ll have a solid understanding of GPTs and prompting you can build on.

Voice & Personality Design:

Get your GPT to sound and act with the personality and voice you want it to have.

  • Discover the 3 techniques for customizing your GPT’s unique “voice” ranging from simple to advanced.

  • Learn what information to add to your instructions that makes all the difference. It’s not always about more words. Just the right words.

  • Use my GPT to analyze your own content and create an instruction set that attempts to match your own writing style.

This is a tricky problem, but by the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools you need to solve it.

Break free of hallucinations and troublesome bots:

Learn both traditional methods and black magic techniques to get your GPT to do what you want (both backed by science).

You’ll learn:

  • How appeal to your GPT’s “emotions” to ensure compliance with your instructions

  • How to word your instructions for maximum effect

  • How to harden your bot against prompt stealing and keep your ideas safe

Exclusive access to 12 of my best GPTs:

Throughout the course, I show you exactly how I configure many of my own GPTs and give you access to over a dozen of them, including:

  • Module Image Creator — The GPT I used to create all the course artwork

  • Transform a Doc to a .TXT — A GPT that pre-processes PDFs and other documents for better handling inside other GPTs

  • Easily Hackable and Difficult to Hack GPTs — Example GPTs for you to try to steal prompts from

  • Writeprint Maker — Input some sample content and get a set of instructions to give an AI to emulate the style

  • Alex Hormozi $100M Offer Generator — An advanced GPT to come up with ideas for amazing offers using Alex Hormozi’s frameworks

  • Think Before You Act GPT — A GPT that has a series of thoughts before producing its output. Based on my favorite custom instructions.

Showing leadership in the AI moment will define your career. Learn how.

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