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What You Get?

Download Sam Jacobs – Ecom Uprise University 2.0

Discover How Hundreds Of My Students Are Making Thousands Online With Shopify Dropshipping

What You Get:
Brand New Ecom UpRise 2.
Course Curriculum:

Module 1 – Million Dollar Mindset
Lesson 1: Welcome!
Lesson 2: Facebook Group
Lesson 3: Dropshipping In A Whole
Lesson 4: How To Stay Motivated Through Out Your Entrepreneur Journey

Module 2 – Creating 6-Figure Store From Scratch
Lesson 5: Niche vs General Store
Lesson 6: Branding Your Shopify Store Correctly
Lesson 7: Importing Products
Lesson 8: How To Create The Perfect Product Page
Lesson 9: Key Components You Must Have In Your Store
Lesson 10: The Best Shopify Apps
Lesson 11: Shipping Hack To Increase Sales EASY!
Lesson 12: Shopify Store Reviews
Lesson 13: Building A 6-Figure Shopify Store From SCRATCH
Lesson 14: Important Pages To Have In Your Store (Documents)
Lesson 15: How To Fulfill Orders Thru Oberlo And Get Your Product To Your Customer ??

Module 3 – Finding Million Dollar WINNER Shopify Products
Lesson 16: Winner Products, Intro and Overview
Lesson 17: IG Influncers + Winner Products?!
Lesson 18: Best Selling Products
Lesson 19: The Secret PopUp
Lesson 20: The Feed Method
Lesson 21: Product Research Softwares

Module 4 – Instagram Influencers A-Z Guide
Lesson 22: (Day 1) IG Influencers
Lesson 23: (Day 2) Shopify Challenge: $0 to $3,000 a Day with IG Influencers *APPS
Lesson 24: (Day 3) Shopify Challenge: $0 to $3,000 a Day with IG Influencers *Marketing
Lesson 25: (Day 4) Shopify Challenge: $0 to $3,000 a Day with IG Influencers *Profits
Lesson 26: (Day 5) Shopify Challenge: $0 to $3,000 a Day with IG Influencers *Order Fulfillment
?Lesson 27: (Day 6) Shopify Challenge: $0 to $3,000 a Day with IG Influencers *Scaling
Lesson 28: (Day 7) Shopify Challenge: $0 to $3,000 a Day with IG Influencers *Ad Copy Reveal
Lesson 29: How To Get Free Sales With Instagram & Grow Your Following

Module 5 – Facebook Ads Blueprint (Beginners)
Lesson 30: Facebook Ads Introduction!
Lesson 31: Types Of Campaigns
Lesson 32: Setting Up A Facebook Ad
Lesson 33: Finding The Perfect Intrests For Your Product
Lesson 34: Video Ads & Outsourcing
Lesson 35: Creating Your Ad Copy & Finalizing Your Facebook Ad
Lesson 36: Analyzing Data and Customizing your columns
Lesson 37: Fastest & Easiest Way To Test *IMPORTANT!
Lesson 38: Testing With A Low Budget
Lesson 39: Getting Clicks But No Sales?

Module 6 – Advanced Facebook Ads & Massive Scaling
Lesson 40: Killing vs Scaling Ads
Lesson 41: Scaling Ads (Low Budget Strategy)
Lesson 42: How To Break Down Data For Cheap Sales
Lesson 43: Secret Hack To Get More Social Proof & Sales From Your Ad
Lesson 44: Custom Audiences & Retargeting Campaigns
?Lesson 45: Preparation For Success
Lesson 46: Massive Scaling and Manual Bidding *$4000+ Days!

Module 7 – Maximizing Profits With Your Backend
Lesson 47: Setting Up Email Marketing Automations
Lesson 48: Quantity Breaks – Get Your Customers To Buy Multiple Items
Lesson 49: INSANE! Using Text Message To Close 20% Of Your Abandon Cart Customers

Module 8 – Advanced Dropshipping Tactics
Lesson 50: Vyper Giveaway – Matt Faber
Lesson 51: Power Pixel
Lesson 52: Chatbox Marketing

6 Figure Dropshipping Success EBook

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