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Steve Chou – Profitable Audience

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Learn How To Build An Audience And Monetize The Traffic

Step By Step

Discover a proven system for growing your website past 100K visits/month, building an audience and monetizing the traffic


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants the flexibility to control your own hours? Are you looking to build a full time income with the freedom of location independence?

Or perhaps you are a small business owner who is having trouble driving targeted traffic to your website and building an audience.

Profitable Audience is a hands on, step-by-step course designed to teach you how to create and profit from the content you create.

It’s a system that works even if…

  • You don’t have a business idea
  • You don’t have any experience
  • You don’t have any technical skills
  • You are not a world famous expert

The course explains all of the exact strategies that will take you from “no idea” to online profit.


Module 1 – Getting Started

  • The 3 most important things to keep in mind when you’re getting started
  • What types of content will actually make you money
  • How to find the sweet spot where passion and profit connect
  • The exact framework we use to just about guarantee success, before even worrying about monetization
  • How to quickly assess which of your ideas have the highest profit potential, and which ones to avoid
  • How to find your ideal customer

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Website

  • How to setup your website from scratch for less than $3
  • How to find and install a theme that matches your niche
  • How to create your own webpages without a designer
  • Essential plugins to run your website without sacrificing speed
  • Everything your first website needs to attract leads and measure your progress

Module 3 – Formulate Your Content Strategy

  • How to create remarkable content that gets people to love and subscribe to your website
  • How to format a post that makes Google and your readers happy
  • Four elements of essential copy that engages readers and generates sales
  • How to inexpensively outsource your content to writers
  • How to create an editorial calendar and streamline your content creation

Module 4 – Search Engine Optimization

  • How to perform keyword research the right way to all but guarantee that your posts will rank in search
  • How to structure your posts to maximize your search visibility
  • A simple way to generate backlinks to your posts
  • The proper way to set up your on site SEO to rank your money pages

Module 5 – Email Marketing

  • How to rapidly go from 0 to 10,000 subscribers and beyond
  • The 3 things you need to remember in order to successfully grow your website traffic and subscribers
  • The 5 critical elements of an effective website that turns casual readers into qualified leads
  • How to set up funnels that convert subscribers to buyers

Module 6 – Facebook And Instagram Marketing

  • How to drive Facebook traffic to your blog, email list, or store
  • How to generate free traffic using Facebook pages and groups
  • How to use Instagram to grow your following
  • How to leverage Facebook Messenger Marketing to grow your traffic

Module 7 – Pinterest Marketing

  • How to grow your Pinterest Account
  • How to create beautiful pins for Pinterest
  • How to convert Pinterest traffic to leads and subscribers
  • Best practices for creating evergreen content on Pinterest

Module 8 – Paid Traffic Strategies

  • A simple Facebook ads strategy to generate cheap traffic to your posts
  • How to leverage Pinterest Ads to grow your email list
  • How to run Google Display ads to retarget visitors back to your optin pages
  • How to run Facebook Messenger ads to grow your subscriber list

Module 9 – How To Sell Digital Products

  • The different types of digital products you can sell
  • How to create your first digital product
  • How to sell on Amazon KDP
  • How to create printables and digital files for sale on your website

Module 10 – Affiliate Marketing

  • How and where to find great affiliate offers to promote
  • Different ways to convert affiliate sales with your content
  • How to promote affiliate offers on social media and email
  • Advanced affiliate marketing strategies to track your conversions and run paid advertising

Module 11 – Selling Display Ads And Working With Brands

  • An overview of how display advertising works
  • Where to find and sign up for an ad network
  • Best practices when working with brands
  • How to negotiate and land sponsored content deals

Module 12 – Scaling And Outsourcing

  • Where to find inexpensive writers to product your content
  • How to outsource marketing tasks to virtual assistants all over the world
  • How to scale a single piece of content across different platforms
  • How to effectively manage writing, social media, advertising and promotion without a large team

Module 13 – Online Courses

  • How to presell and validate your course idea
  • Pricing models for online courses
  • How to set up your site for content delivery
  • How to host a high converting webinar

Module 14 – Podcasting

  • The tools needed to start a podcast
  • How to record your podcast
  • How to edit your audio for quality
  • How to launch your podcast to the top of the Apple Podcast charts

Module 15 – YouTube

  • The tools needed to start a YouTube channel
  • How to perform keyword research for your videos to attract search engine traffic
  • How to create an engaging video without expensive equipment
  • How to grow your subscriber list and create a massive channel

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