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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Grow With Video Live 2020 Download

[SUPER HOT SHARE] Grow With Video Live 2020

What You Get?

Download [SUPER HOT SHARE] Grow With Video Live 2020

The #1 Video Marketing Conference for Entrepreneurs in the World.

Are you ready to Grow With Video!

The entire conference will be online for you to join us from everywhere in the world.

This is the place to learn cutting edge marketing tactics, become motivated, begin implementing proven strategies, and meet other like-minded creative entrepreneurs. You also will have the opportunity to network with top brands, receive personalized help, and hear industry experts share their secrets.

♦ Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at the event?
This event is one of the many events hosted by Think Media CEO Sean Cannell.

This event is designed for you to learn the necessary steps to growing a profitable YouTube channel while also connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Over the 3 days, we’ll have a series of powerful sessions taught by Sean, Heather and our other high-level speakers.

I already bought a ticket – what now?
If you already purchased a ticket we’ve actually already granted you a virtual ticket – so you’re all ready to go! And as an added bonus, we’ve actually granted you into a higher ticket tier than your original purchase. You will receive an email letting you know which tier you are in and what benefits come along with it.

When is Grow With Video Live happening?
It will be the same dates as the original conference, September 8-10th, 2020. The conference will be a full day from about 9 AM – 5 PM PDT (Los Angeles time). If you can’t make some of the sessions, you’ll be able to watch the replay at least until September 12th (if you purchase an Ultimate ticket you’ll have indefinite access to the recordings).

Where is Grow With Video Live happening?
Grow With Video Live 2020 will happen entirely online! We have so much in store for you guys and we’re excited to announce more details to be released soon.

Will this still be fun and community building as a virtual experience?
All we can say is a resounding, YES. If you were a part of our YouTube Influence Challenge, you were able to get a sense of the community this kind of event can create. We were able to get to know so many of you. We had so many fun, casual (sometimes random and hilarious) conversations. We spent long hours in the chat together sharing experiences and of course, learning some of the best tips and strategies for YouTube and beyond. We saw collaborations get planned and lasting communities form. And we have even more in store for our Grow With Video Live attendees.

While you may think, “I’ll just buy the course” or “it will be the same as watching a YouTube video”… it’s absolutely not. Nothing can replace the community feel when you’re there in the chat interacting, laughing and hanging out with us for three whole days.

Will I still learn just as much?
Definitely. In fact, you may even learn more! The virtual experience eliminates many of the inefficiencies of in-person events and we can double-down on extra sessions and bonus activities for our Premier and Ultimate attendees. We’re pumped to teach you all about the most recent YouTube strategies, social media hacks and business tactics.

Who will be leading the breakout sessions?
These sessions will be lead by guest speakers and coaches who can help you work through niche topics and trainings throughout the conference.

Will the guest speakers still be attending?
We will still have many, if not all of our original speaker line up attending the conference! And due to the virtual nature of the event, we’re able to invite even more amazing speakers and coaches. Stay tuned for more info!

How is Grow With Video Live Different?
Grow With Video Live is a virtual event where you’ll actually do the work to take your YouTube channel and business to the next level.

This event is jam-packed with information all about growing your influence with YouTube and online business. We will cover YouTube best practices, live streaming, creating income with video, digital product creation, social media advertising, and more.

Grow With Video Live is unlike any other event out there! You won’t just learn cutting edge tactics and become motivated, you’ll actually do the work and implement what we teach you. You’ll leave having set up the foundation you need to launch or expand your business, while having a blast doing it! From active learning to power growth sessions, get ready to be fully engrossed and entertained while expanding your knowledge all day long.

Grow With Video Live is PERFECT For Anyone Who…

  • Is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, author, speaker, personal brand, influencer, who wants to learn the best strategies for growing their influence and income with online video.
  • Wants to grow their business or brand using the best marketing medium at your disposal – YOUTUBE! (the type of business does not matter)
  • Wants to systematically and reliably acquire customers.
  • Wants to learn how to craft the perfect message that converts their viewers into subscribers and customers.
  • Wants to take advantage of the massive digital revolution we are living through and grow their influence.

♦ Your Schedule

Please note: All times are in PDT
9:15 am || Session 1: ReThink Your Plan: 4 Proven Steps for Profiting with Video

10:00 am || Session 2: Rise of the Youpreneur: How to Become the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and Building a Future-Proof Business with Chris Ducker

11:00 am || Session 3: The Art of Confidently Connecting on Camera

12:30 pm || Bonus Session: Video Setups for Any Budget

12:30 pm || Ultimate Ticket Holder’s Q&A with Chris Ducker and Sean

1:50 pm || Session 4: How I Grew 100K Subs and Made $100K in One Year on YouTube with Vanessa Lau

2:30 pm || Session 5: Making Thumbnails that Get Clicks with VidIQ

3:10 pm || Premier & Ultimate Ticket Holder’s Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1: 3 Crazy Simple Tactics to Transform Strangers into Fans and Buyers with Rachel Miller

Breakout Session 2: Instagram, Tik Tok and Gen Z Video Marketing with Jade Darmawangsa

Breakout Session 3: How Small Channels Can Get Big Brand Deals with Benji Travis

Breakout Session 4: 7 Biggest Legal Mistakes Social Media Personalities & Online Businesses Make (That Can Cost You Millions) with Mitch Jackson

5:00 pm || Session 6: Rethink YouTube: How to Rise Above Recession and Grow on YouTube Right Now

7:00 pm || All Attendee Networking Party

8:00 am || Bonus Session: Dream Big Start Small: A Time of Faith & Hope

9:20 am || Session 7: The Brand New YouTube Algorithm Hack That Generated Over 3 Million Views and $115,000 in Revenue

10:20 am || Session 8: Instagram Marketing Hacks with Chalene Johnson

11:15 am || High-Level Marketing & Business Q&A with Chalene, Sean & Heather

12:00 pm || Bonus Session: The Perfect Video Setup (For Any Budget)

1:30 pm || Session 9: Growing Your Business with Online Video – Roger Wakefield, Steve Penete, Mike Quist & Heather Torres

2:30 pm || Session 10: 10 Steps for Building a 6-7 Figure Expert Online Business

3:30 pm || Session 11: How to Connect on Camera and Build REAL Community Online with Nekole Eaton

4:15 pm || Session 12: Creating Your Gameplan with Heather Torres

5:30 pm || Bonus Session: Women of YouTube: How to Start and Grow a YouTube Channel from ZERO – Nekole Eaton, Catherine Manning, Vanessa Lau & Heather Torres

6:00 pm || Ultimate Tier Networking Party

9:00 am || Session 13: Attention! This session will make you money

9:50 am || Session 14: How to Grow Your Business with YouTube with Marina Mogilko

10:30 am || Session 15: 5 Tips for Easily Leveling Up Your NEXT Video

11:10 am || Session 16: The Secret to Exponential Growth, Sustaining Success & Making Money While You Sleep

12:00 pm || Bonus Session: Bringing it All Together for YOUR Niche

1:30 pm || Session 17: Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, And Build a Successful Business with Pat Flynn

2:30 pm || Session 18 – How to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income with Youtube and Online Video with Roberto Blake

3:10 pm || Premier & Ultimate Ticket Holder’s Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1: LinkedIn Growth Hacks with Michaela Alexis

Breakout Session 2: The Secret Behind Video Podcasting with Omar Eltakrori

Breakout Session 3: The Ultimate Live Streaming Strategy with Stephanie Lau

4:20 pm || Session 19: The Future is Better Than You Think


What’s Included:

  • Admission to Grow With Video Live the Virtual Experience
  • Virtual Networking Party
  • 3 Pre-Conference Meetup Calls
  • Access to video session replays until September 12th
  • Access to the Grow With Video Live 2020 Action Guide Workbook
  • Interactive, community-building (and really fun!) activities throughout the sessions
  • Tech, software, and course giveaways!

What’s Included:

  • Admission to Grow With Video Live the Virtual Experience
  • Virtual Networking Party
  • 3 Pre-Conference Meetup Calls
  • Access to video session replays until November 12th
  • Access to the Grow With Video Live 2020 Action Guide Workbook
  • Interactive, community-building (and really fun!) activities throughout the sessions
  • Tech, software, and course giveaways!
  • Early access to the Grow With Video Live Pop Up Shop with Limited Edition Items + 10% discount
  • EXCLUSIVE Small Group Breakout Sessions with Guest Coaches

What’s Included:

  • Admission to Grow With Video Live the Virtual Experience
  • Virtual Networking Party
  • 3 Pre-Conference Meetup Calls
  • Lifetime access to video session replays
  • Access to the Grow With Video Live 2020 Action Guide Workbook
  • Interactive, community-building (and really fun!) activities throughout the sessions
  • Tech, software, and course giveaways!
  • First access to the Grow With Video Live Pop Up Shop with Limited Edition Items + $25 Coupon Code
  • Ultimate Digital Swag Bag Package
  • EXCLUSIVE Small Group Breakout Sessions with Guest Coaches
  • EXCLUSIVE Ultimate-Only Q&A Session
  • EXCLUSIVE Ultimate-Only Virtual Networking Party

♦ Win This At The Conference
DJI Mavic Pro 2
..and more….

♦ Meet Your Speakers

Pat Flynn
Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant and Inventor
Pat Flynn is a father, husband, and entrepreneur who lives and works in San Diego, CA. He owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts, which have earned a combined total of over 60 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes. He is also an advisor to ConvertKit, LeadPages, Teachable, and other companies in the digital marketing arena.

Vanessa Lau
Online Business Coach, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator
She teaches new entrepreneurs how to build their influence and scale their businesses using the power of social media. Her approach comes from experience. After quitting her 9-5, she started a Youtube channel and amassed a digital reach of 150,000+ subscribers on Youtube, 50,000+ followers on Instagram, and a 15,000+ Facebook audience. In addition to exploding her digital footprint, she also grew her business to half a million dollars … all in her first year. Today, she’s passionate about helping other creative entrepreneurs and business owners tap into the social media space so they can monetize their expertise and have a global impact.

Pete Vargas
Founder and CEO of Advance Your Reach
Pete Vargas teaches people how to grow their businesses and spread their message through stages. Him and his team have booked over 25,000 stages worldwide–and generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue through those stages. In 2016, he founded Advance Your Reach–a company with a mission to impact one billion lives through one million stages across seven spheres of influence. He’s perfected the “Stage to Scale” system – a three-part framework that helps speakers, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, service providers, nonprofits, small business owners and many others land speaking engagements and leverage stages to grow their businesses and organizations. Pete and his team have helped thousands of clients implement their system – including people like Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team, Grant Cardone, Dean Graziosi, Chalene Johnson, Michael Hyatt, Daymond John, JJ Virgin, Dave Ramsey, Garrett White, Donald Miller, and Joel Marion. He’s also shared stages with titans such as Michael Phelps, Robert Cialdini, John Maxwell, Sarah Blakely, Howie Mandel, Sally Hogshead, and Brendon Burchard.

Chalene Johnson
World-Renowned Speaker, Health Expert and Creator of Marketing Impact Academy
Chalene Johnson is a world-renowned motivational speaker with more than 30 years as a health expert under her belt. She is a New York Times best-selling author, health and lifestyle expert, and top health podcaster with over 20 million downloads of her show. She and Bret, her husband of over twenty years, are the founders of the SmartLife movement. Together, they have built and sold several multimillion-dollar lifestyle companies and helped countless people to do the same.

As the creator of the Marketing Impact Academy, she shares her marketing and business-building insight with thousands of her community members.

Benji Travis
Co-founder of Video Influencers, Content Creator and Brand Partnership Expert
Benji Travis has garnered more than 1 billion videos views on YouTube channels he’s helped to start and grow. Through his multiple businesses, working with hundreds of brand sponsors, he earns a seven-figure income, while also raising almost $2 million for charity. He co-founded Video Influencers which was included on Forbes’ “Top 20 Must-Watch YouTube Channels” list, alongside Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Marina Mogilko
Author, Influencer and Creator of LinguaTrip.com
Marina co-founded LinguaTrip.com – a study abroad booking platform backed by prominent Silicon Valley investors including 500 Startups, and fluent.express – a proofreading service.

Mitch Jackson
Social Media Lawyer, Author and Influencer
Mitch Jackson is one of the most well-known trial lawyers on social media. He’s an award-winning 2009 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year and 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year. In addition to being profiled at Inc.com, Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal, he’s also spoken several times at Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery Events to audiences in the thousands. Mitch is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs” and a brand ambassador for a dozen global companies. As an early adopter of video and livestreaming, Mitch has shared business and legal tips at the New York, San Francisco, Los Angles Periscope Summits, and Social Media Day San Diego. He has also appeared as a guest on live video shows with Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Seth Godin, Peter Diamandis, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Heather Torres
COO of Think Media
Heather Torres is the COO of Think Media – one of the fastest growing media education companies for video creators and smart entrepreneurs. With over a decade of digital marketing and strategy experience, she has helped thousands of creators gain clarity in their businesses and brands. She has built several businesses and has worked with fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

She has generated over seven-figures through digital course creation and now teaches others how to profit from their expertise.

Sean Cannell
Founder and CEO of Think Media and author of YouTube Secrets
Sean Cannell is one of the most watched video content experts in the world and one of his channels was listed by Forbes as one of the “Top 20 Channels That Will Change Your Business.”

He is a #1 best-selling author of the book, “YouTube Secrets” and his YouTube channel, Think Media, reaches over 21.5 million people a month. Sean has been hailed as one of the most successful online video experts in the world – first building a multiple six-figure business through affiliate marketing and then going on to build a seven-figure media company focusing on online education that he still runs today.

Rachel Miller
Viral Video Expert, Business Strategist, Author
After helping 38 people bring single posts from their business pages to more than 10,000,000 people each, without a massive ad budget, Rachel Miller has become a sought after strategist. Businesses she has helped have been able to go from obscurity to household brands. Rachel Miller began as a blogger before getting hooked “collecting people” and building audiences. She has authored multiple books, spoken at numerous conferences and has assisted in crafting organic social strategies for Fortune 500 companies, TV shows, as well as everyone from stay-at-home parents working a side hustle and local brick and mortar shops. When she isn’t geeking out about Facebook and organic social strategies, you can find her watching Harry Potter with her six kids.

Roger Wakefield
Youtube’s Master Plumber, Powerhouse Business-Owner & YouTube Personality
Roger is America’s favorite plumber, that “looks great and smells good!” He is a Texas Master Plumber and an entertaining video creator on YouTube and LinkedIn. Now, Roger teaches plumbing, teaches people about getting in the trades, and teaches trades people how to start and grow residential service companies, using social media.

Chris Ducker
Success Magazine-Featured Financial Freedom Coach, Leadership Authority & Founder of YouPreneur.com
Chris is a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestselling books, “Virtual Freedom”, and “Rise of the Youpreneur”. Based in Cambridge, England, he owns and operates several businesses, including Youpreneur.com that combines his over 350 full-time employees. Nowadays he spends most of his time coaching and mentoring successful entrepreneurs, as well as investing in and advising startup companies.

Mike Quist
Viral Video Expert, Multi-Million Dollar Business Builder & Educational Voice for Artisan Crafters
Mike and his wife Katherine have created and sold their own successful business built on top of YouTube. They continue to build and grow the business as well as support other artisans through their conference and community.

Michaela Alexis
Viral LinkedIn Content Creator, Sought-After LinkedIn Trainer & Mega-Brand Coach
Michaela Alexis is a professional speaker and trainer, medium roast aficionado, and LinkedIn expert. She focuses on helping beginners and real people use her strategies to reach others and grow their brands.

Jabin Chavez
Spiritual Leader, Serial Entrepreneur & Influencer
God has woven greatness into your DNA and wants to partner with you in life and business. Jabin Chavez’s passion is for you to connect with God and discover the refreshing power and truth found in the bible.

Jabin began leading worship at the age of thirteen and has been in full-time ministry since 2002. He is a highly sought-after international communicator, musician, and recording artist.

Jabin and his wife Shanen lead City Light Church in Las Vegas, Nevada; a thriving, young church that began in early 2018.

Cathrin Manning
Leading SEO Specialist, Founder of The Content Bug YouTube Channel & Full-Time Creative Entrepreneur
In just 1 year, Cathrin went from being a digital marketing consultant to a beginner blogger to a full-time online entrepreneur. Now she helpa people just like you to follow their passions by growing their audience online.

Omar Eltakrori
Pro Videographer & Photographer Guru, Business Podcasting Coach & Entrepreneur
Omar has helped generate millions of dollars of revenue through his content creation and digital strategy. He runs a digital agency that allows him to travel the globe producing premium video content for his clients.

Roberto Blake
YouTube Certified Educator, Creative Entrepreneur & Business Mindset Mentor
Creator’s don’t have to be starving artists. Roberto Blake is here to help you turn your passion into purpose and profit!

Roberto is a creative entrepreneur, youtube certified educator, keynote speaker & content creator that has produced over 1,300 videos and gained over 460,000 youtube subscribers.

His content has reached millions and inspired them to embrace their creativity and ambition, through actionable advice with a strong motivational message of empowerment.

His diverse experience in freelancing, corporate life, and mainstream brand marketing, had shaped his unique ability to help people build profitable businesses in the new economy and create multiple streams of income.

Jade Darmawangsa
18-Year-Old Entrepreneurial Success, Top Business Podcast Host & YouTube Featured “Creator on the Rise”
Jade Darmawangsa is an entrepreneur and YouTube star with over 400,000 fans and followers. In 2019 Jade founded X8 Media, a media agency that helps brands produce educational videos with influencers. She is a prime example of being a micro-creator who understands the business side of social media. Currently Jade is also building an incubator program to help early stage influencers grow and fund personal brands.

Stephanie Liu
Premier Live-Streaming Maven, Digital Marketing Strategist & Small Business Coach
Stephanie Liu is the host of Lights, Camera, LIVE and is an award-winning digital marketing strategist dedicated to helping brands and business owners like you, skip the guesswork on how to make their presence known online and start creating meaningful relationships with their customers online.

Steve Peneate
Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Agent, Business Owner & Successful YouTuber
Steve Penate is a multi-million dollar real estate producer with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth & Phoenix Metropolitan area and surrounding cities. He’s a featured speaker on the subject of leadership, business entrepreneurship, and real estate marketing.

Nekole Eaton
Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Leading Mama YouTuber, Speaker & Entrepreneur
Content creator and visionary Nekole Eaton helps people build powerful lives and legacy.

She is a conscious parenting coach, speaker, and pediatric occupational therapist specializing in child development.

Over the past several years, she has built an audience of over 85,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 5 million channel views, and a rapidly growing online business.

She has built a business that gives her freedom and energy to show up intentionally for her kids and her husband — and is passionate about helping you do the same.

Joseph Allen
Speaker, Business Coach & YouTube’s Authority on Eye Health
Joseph Allen O.D, F.A.A.O has a channel that focuses on the best tips and education about the eyes and vision! In less than 2 years, he has built his YouTube channel to multiple hundreds of thousands of subscribers and is continuing to grow and has become a household name in his industry.

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