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Tiago Forte – Pillars Of Productivity

What You Get?

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Here’s what you’ll be learning and doing in Pillars of Productivity:

This course is not about passive learning; it’s about active implementation! Every one of the eight lessons contains a hands-on instructional video alongside concrete action steps and recommendations for apps and other tools so you can apply what you learn immediately to your work and life.

1. Introduction

  • Get a full introduction to the four pillars of productivity and how they work together as part of an integrated workflow.
  • Start recognizing productivity as a customizable system, providing you with tools and methods to combat information overwhelm.
  • Discover the important distinction between the four main kinds of information in your digital life.
  • Learn Tiago’s three core guiding principles, both to succeed in this course as well as for your productivity in general.
  • Get introduced to the active learning approach of this course, involving video instructions, app recommendations, actionable checklists, a comprehensive playbook, community sharing, and additional resources.

2. Email: Getting to Inbox Zero

  • Make the crucial mindset shift that will free you from any guilt around your overflowing inbox.
  • Configure these seven settings in your email provider to streamline email processing once and for all.
  • Set up the four essential downstream systems so any incoming information can flow to the right place (instead of clogging up your inbox).
  • Master the practice of “email triage” that will get you to inbox zero consistently and in no time.
  • Start the habit of batch-processing your emails to free up the time and energy to do your best, most creative work OUTSIDE of your inbox.

3. Calendar: Managing Your Time

  • Find out why most people’s calendars are a mess and fail to create focus on the vital tasks that we strive for.
  • Start leveraging the full power of a digital calendar (you’ve been missing out if you’re still using a traditional paper calendar).
  • Get started with your digital calendar using our simple step-by-step setup guide.
  • Learn the four ground rules for getting the most out of your calendar.

4. Tasks: Taming Your To-Do List

  • Accept this one inevitable truth about your to-do list that will free you from guilt and shame.
  • Leverage the advantages of using a digital task manager over a paper to-do list.
  • Understand the concept of “open loops” that cause stress and anxiety and the solution that will create peace of mind.
  • Master the critical features of popular task management apps and make them work for you.
  • Try out new techniques for efficiently clearing your task inbox, ending to-do list overwhelm.

5.Notes: Taking Notes Effectively

  • Learn to differentiate between the two types of content that are coming at you so you immediately know how to handle each.
  • Discover the advantages of digital notetaking over traditional paper notes, allowing you to preserve and easily revisit the best out of the vast amount of knowledge you consume.
  • Find out how to efficiently capture and then organize your digital notes so you can always find the information that’s important to you right now.
  • Practice the fundamental features of your notetaking app, such as quickly capturing information from various sources and organizing it effectively to help you take action (we’ll provide a full demo).

6. Content: Using a Read-Later App

  • Rethink your habits so you can start consuming content intentionally rather than reactively.
  • Understand the benefits of a read-later app and why it should be an essential part of your productivity toolkit.
  • Get started with a read-later app following our step-by-step walkthrough and recommendations.
  • Discover Tiago’s best practices and guidelines for mindful content consumption to help you say goodbye to FOMO.
  • Learn how to decide what to consume at any given moment, creating a content filter in the form of a personalized checklist.

7. Weekly Review: Winning Every Week

  • Recognize the common misconception about Weekly Reviews that keep most people from developing this powerful habit.
  • Learn the four essential steps of a Weekly Review and a handy acronym to remember them, allowing you to process new information without having to make too many decisions.
  • Watch Tiago complete his own real-life Weekly Review following all the steps and rules of thumb he recommends.
  • Learn how to filter your to-do list and decide what you’ll be doing so you can start the upcoming week with clarity and a flexible gameplan to guide your actions.
  • Develop your own Weekly Review checklist, making it a tangible ritual that can be completed in a predictable time frame.

8. Next Steps

  • Recap what we’ve covered in the previous lessons to make sure you understand how everything works together.
  • Remind yourself of the crucial mindset shifts that will help you succeed on your quest for enhanced productivity.
  • Pick the concrete takeaways from this course that you’ll adopt for yourself going forward.
  • Identify your main productivity bottleneck right now and choose the appropriate tools and strategies to address it.
  • Choose from among our recommended steps to continue your learning journey

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