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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track UPDATE May 20 Download

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track UPDATE May 20

What You Get?

Download Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track UPDATE May 20

Dear Friend,
My first month on Amazon, I was able to figure out a unique way to rank my brand new amazon product .
It took me only four weeks (with only 1 “live” product) to hit $14,981.10 per month and we sold 478 units.  Take a look at a screenshot from this my first month:
This never would have happened, if had done ASM the ‘traditional way’ that everyone else does.
Fast forward to today.
We just hit $114,532.60 per month and sold 3,788 units this month! Here’s a current screenshot:
Not bad for doing my amazon business “part time” and for a business that we really only started on January! Crazy, right?
If things go as planned – we have hit all my sales targets to date – I’ll hit $3000,000/month by this time next year, at about 42% net profit.
Not bad money, eh?
Once I get a new product on amazon and launched properly, I can pretty much forget about it.  I have never before experienced such leverage before.
Invest a little time upfront. Get paid into perpetuity.

Would You Like To Earn This Kind Of Money From Your Amazon.Com Private Label Business?

I Can Tell You, That It’s Absolutely Possible.

I know, because I am living proof.
I’ve been on “amazon” a relatively short time. Already I hit $114,000/month of which I get a big chunk of that I get to keep as pure profit.
But the reason for my success on Amazon, is because I am doing things much differently than what is taught in ASM, much of which is utterly counter-intuitituve…
… and most importantly… 
I’ve developed a stable of unique ‘marketing and ranking methods’ that no one else is using, that work exceptionally well, and that I’ve proven to work within my own amazon businesses.

There Are Only 3 Things That I Must Focus On In My Amazon Business:

1) Ranking My Products To Page One, As Fast As Possible. 

If you’re on page 3, you might as well be on page 300!  Just like ranking a website in Google, if you’re not on page one, you irrelevant. Amazon works the same way.

2) Getting As Many Five-Star Reviews In Shortest Time Possible For My New Product.

When people use Amazon and click on your listing, if the headline and images look appealing, what does everyone do?
They scroll right down to read your reviews!
If you only have a couple reviews, you won’t win their impulse purchase … and … you also won’t “stick” in the rankings.

3) Finding Hot Products To Sell

I have a simple goal:
To make $10,000/mo per product.
That is a conservative goal, because my experience is that you can make more than this – but that’s my initial target.
To hit $100,000/month sales, I need to release 10 good products.
I like to keep business “simple.” And to make $100k month, is as simple as that.
I actually exceeded this target recently, having hit $115k in sales with less than 10 products.

“I Think I’ve Cracked The Code On How To Rank Any Product To Page One On Amazon”

But there’s something else I need to show you …
Something that will really open your eyes.
Every single product that I have personally launched on Amazon.com, I have been able to pro-actively get it ranking on page 1 on amazon, usually within less than 12 days.
Yes – in every single instance.
Yes – even in two ultra-competitive niches
Yes – across multiple product categories.

“Here Are A Few Recent Examples …”

(1) In 24 Hours, I Was Able To Get A Brand New Product Of Ours Ranked #1 In ALL Of Amazon Beauty!

Check out this screenshot that I took when this happened recently…
Allow this to sink in! For all of amazon.com, the world’s largest e-commerce site, it took me only 1 day to make this new product rank #1 in ALL of amazon top 100 “best sellers” in “Beauty.” 
  • Not a sub category.
  • Not for some obscure easy-to-rank for product.
To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done before at least by anyone I know. Especially using proactive marketing methods such that I used.
In fact, in that one day we sold $16,546.40 in sales and sold 592 units. Yes – this is a ONE DAY screenshot! 
Sales Dashboard
This was in one of the MOST competitive product categories on all of amazon.  Yet I got it ranked #1 in Beauty in 24 hours, and by the way as a result this product has been selling very well every day since.
In fact, when new inventory arrives, I plan to remarket this product targeting two additional keywords, and I believe this one product can do about $50k-$60k month in sales, all by itself. We shall see!

Download will be MEGA Drive (1.25 GB)


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