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Dan Petty – Design Full-Time Bundle

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This design process will immediately change the way you approach your next design project. It’s geared for speed, communication, and growing relationships.

The ReConfirm Process

Discover the truth behind the design process and how to unleash its maximum potential.

Design So Much Faster

Improve your design efficiency and become known as a fast designer.

Communicate Effectively

Unlock valuable tips for nurturing relationships with your team and clients.

Create Better Presentations

Quit wasting time on overly designed presentations. I’ve got a better approach.

BTS of Real Projects

Take a look at actual projects and client presentations for authentic proof.

Why You Never Delete

Uncover why it’s crucial to refrain from deleting your design concepts.

Beating Imposter Syndrome

Impostor syndrome can be demoralizing, but there’s a clear path to overcoming it.

2. Standout Web Designer

This is literally the best advice that I tell every web designer. My strategies will teach you how to design more impactful websites, leading to an even more successful career. I’ve stood out for 20+ years as a successful web designer, now it’s your turn.

How to Tease Continuation

Discover my most important feature of every web site I design. This is a must.

Power of the Main Lockup

The main lockup is more important than you may think. See how we can make it more effective.

How to Pack a 1-2-3

The best website designs will usually pack a 1-2-maybe 3 but it’s not always easy to pull it off well.

Always End with an Action

There is only one way to end your website design and that is with an action. Period.

Simple Alignment over Grids

Stop over complicating your designs with grids that no one will ever see.

Double Check Consistency

Consistency is the key to completing your story and directing your visitors.

Typography Musts

Content is king and with that comes typography. Let’s discuss what no one else will.

3.Standout Freelancer

Ready to crush it in freelancing? Dive into this course for skill boosts, client magnetism, and income spikes. With over 20 years of expertise, I’m here to guide you on this exciting journey! Let’s thrive together!

Helped Many Get Jobs

Dann’s goal is to help designers get jobs and has a proven track record of making that happen.

15+ Years in Silicon Valley

Dann lived in San Fran for over a decade working with almost every major tech co in the bay area.

20+ Years Freelancing

Dann has been non-stop full-time freelancing since day one with well-known clients.

2x Book Author

Author of the popular books: That Portfolio Book + That Freelancer Book.

Created the Best Conference

Created the very popular adventure based conference for creatives called Epicurrence.

4.That Portfolio Course

Learn exactly what the people hiring you are looking for in your portfolio, how to improve it, and the actions you can take right now to land new job opportunities as soon as possible.

  • The real four sections ofevery portfolio.

    • Section 1: The Introduction
    • Section 2: The Work & Plan
    • Section 3: The Summary, aka the “About”
    • Section 4: The Connection
  • Plus 3 very special interviewsfrom hiring directors.

    • Katie Dill, VP of Design at Lyft
    • Audrey Liu, Director of Product at Lyft
    • Jenny Arden, Director of Design Nike
  • Find your brand, domain,business name, and email.

    • Using your personal name
    • Using a company name
    • Finding a good domain name
    • Having a proper email address

Download will be MEGA Drive (65.87 GB)


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