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Darren Hardy – Insane Productivity

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Darren Hardy has been the central business leader of the success media industry for 20+ years. No one alive today has met, interviewed and investigated the success methods used by the most successful people in the world. The best of what he has discovered is compressed and distilled into this exclusive training system.


Source Code of Motivation

Darren shows you the source code of motivation. Learn what powered the motivation and ferocious determination of many of history’s most envied superachievers. Most importantly, learn how to ignite and sustain your own invincible motivation.


Your Greatest Distraction

Darren will help you eliminate the greatest distraction in your life. Discover what sabotages your potential the most. This is the kryptonite to your super powers. Once you learn to eradicate it you will be set free. This will give you an unfair advantage over everyone else around you.


Take Back Control

It’s time to root out the most damaging influences in your life. The reason why you aren’t achieving as you like is NOT because you are not capable. It is because you are being blocked, undermined and derailed. Here Darren helps you discover and overcome those negative influences and teaches you how to cut cords from the dark forces around you.


Your Active Distraction Defense System

Want to kill the final and most provocative saboteur in your life? This one is causing you pain and problems in ways you cannot even imagine right now. Darren will teach you how to rid this from your life and environment to complete your A.D.D. system, your Active Distraction Defense System. You will finally have a bullet-proof life and lifestyle. You will be free to fly!


Systems to Kick Serious Butt

Darren will help you get busy… but strategically! You will learn some of the best strategies and systems Darren discovered and uses himself, picked up from the best in the world. These are the tools and systems that will help you really start kicking butt in life.


The VITAL System

Here you will get The System, what is called The VITAL Success System. Darren shares one of the most profound interviews he ever had which helped develop it. What he learned that day changed his life and will surely change your life now too.


Superpowers to Maximize Your Leverage Curve

Probably the second most influential encounter Darren ever had, this where he learned how to discover one’s Divine Purpose. This is the system that 5X’d Darren’s influence, impact and results in a short few years after this chance meeting. This is where you will learn to discover your own unique superpowers and where to apply them for maximum leverage and results.


Process & Methods That Multiply

Gain back control of your goals. Gain back control of YOUR priorities. Gain back what YOU want to create with your time here on this planet. Darren starts to uncover here all of the processes and methods of operation you need to multiply your results, in less time, utilizing less effort.


Tripling Your Productivity

This has become one of the favored modules in the entire program by alumni. This is where you will earn how to 3X the productivity of the average FORTUNE 500 CEO before 9AM in the morning… no joke. The strategy Darren teaches here will most certainly be a game-changer for you too.


Success Rituals of Elite Performers

This is where you will learn what are the Success Rituals of Elite Performers… and how can you build these critical success rituals into your daily, weekly and monthly methods of operation. Darren shares his personal morning routine and the routines of other super-achievers. These will become your secret weapons.



Darren will show you how to get yourself into BEAST MODE. That illusive and enigmatic force of being IN THE ZONE. When you are in it… you are unbeatable. Here is where you learn how to activate and leverage the incredible hulk inside you.


Your Ultimate Guidance System

Darren finally shares with you the single greatest business advice he ever received. It is this advice that catapulted him to the success that has given him the honor and privilege of earning the right to be your guide on this journey. This is where you gain your ongoing guidance system as you continue on your journey to greater success.


Critical Components 21st Century Leadership

This is where you will learn to lead five generations simultaneously… and in a workforce that is becoming more female and more ethnically diverse. These are landscape dynamics leaders didn’t have just 10-20 years ago. Everyone needs this major mind shift and emotional intelligence training.



Learn how to create a culture of high-performance. As management guru Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Here Darren helps you drive engagement and manage the emotional state of your team. So goes the emotion of your team, so goes the productivity of your business.


Creating Alignment & Meaning

Darren walks you through how to create both alignment and meaning inside your organization and how to connect each person’s individual contribution on the team to the mission, purpose and goals of the organization. Once you get everyone rowing in the same direction, you can dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.


Your Team Performance Dashboard System

This is your personal walk through of the dashboard system on how to connect each person’s goals, vital functions, vital priorities, vital metrics and vital improvements to the organization’s. This is how to create clarity, certainty and high-priority focus throughout your entire organization. Darren reveals all by showing his own teams live dashboards and internal systems.


The Critical Systems for Hyper-Growth

Darren tackles the strategy, systems, and communication you need to sustain ongoing motivation, engagement and high-performance. You can build the best rocket ship the world has ever known, fill it with the best astronauts… but if you blow it up because you did not have the right systems in place, then all of this is for naught.


Your Personal Transformation

Then lastly and maybe most importantly, Darren talks about what it takes to go through a personal transformation. For you to become the example and the leader you need to be and are capable of being… some tough (love) coaching might be necessary. Here is where you’ll get it. This is a life-changing module. You’ll never be the same at the end.

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