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Derek Pierce – Soar

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Now, You Too, Can Create $10,000 Per Month in Recurring Revenue & Big Ticket Affiliate Commissions Using This Simple Yet Highly Profitable, Proven System..

Without Wasting Money On Ads, Tinkering With Social Media, Without Phone Calls And Without Pain In the Ass Clients!

Extremely Limited…This special edition of the SOAR Training will be removed very soon…

YES! I’m ready to stop spinning my wheels with my affiliate marketing and SEO wondering what to do next.  I’m ready to start getting consistent, predictable results that I control.

I’m ready to join and become the next Super Affiliate so that I can build a thriving $10,000 per month business without having to have huge list or be a big name guru.

Give me your sure-fire blueprint so that I can begin getting top results in minimum time creating profitable campaigns month after month without dealing with pain in the ass clients, without begging people to buy my services and without wasting time on social media.

Here’s what you’re getting when you join SOAR today… 

You’ll have immediate access to the complete, online training without having anything “dripped out.” Once inside, you’ll be able to go at this at your own pace to building your business.

  • Our Tried and True Affiliate Marketing System for Getting Rapid Results
  • Beginner To Advanced SEO Strategies That No One Else is Talking About
  • Video Ranking Formula for leveraging both Google and Youtube
  • Hand Holding Calls to Keep You Accountable
  • Plus My Exclusive, Time Sensitive Bonuses

Once inside, you’ll learn…

Sure Fire, Proven Affiliate Marketing System That Gets REAL Results Even If You’re Just Starting Out

Build your business on solid foundation from the ground up even if you’re just starting out.  I’ll show you how to quickly gain authority in the eyes of the search engines that gets top results while remaining safe and in 100% control.

You’ll see how to grow your affiliate marketing business to generate big ticket commissions as well as recurring revenue.

I’ll show you how to become the authority in any niche or market you may be passionate about.  You’ll see how we uncover what our competitors are doing, reverse engineer what the top sites are doing, and more importantly orchestrate a plan to take over.

This works even if you’re not a guru and no one else knows who you are. However when you start showing up in the search results, it’s not uncommon for people to wanna know what you’re doing.

Once you hit the ground running and start turning your campaigns profitable, I’ll show you how to…

Never Waste A Dime On Ads To Be In Front of Your Customers.  You’ll see the exact strategy we use to pinpoint traffic that have a “Red-Hot” Buyers temperature so you can get earn commissions even with very little traffic.

You’ll see how use target the right traffic to the most two powerful search engines in the world – Google and Youtube.

Easily create simple videos that rank in both Google and Youtube using our complete video ranking framework.   You’ll learn how to leverage the power of using stupidly, simple videos that anyone can create – even if you suck at being on camera.

In fact, most of my videos, I never appear on camera and you don’t have to as well.

You’ll see our 4 step system for using video to top Youtube, then using that same video to get to the top of Google.

Using this part of the system, you don’t even need a website to start turning a profit.

All you need is one simple video.

Upload it, then let the automation rules do the heavy lifting.

Plus, I’ll show you how to take that single video and transform it into 7x’s the content.

It’s super simple and mostly automated.

Scale Your SEO using the 10X Strategy.  We use this technique for our winners. I’ll show you how to safeguard your results by scaling your winning SEO campaigns to take up more spots on the home page of Google while keeping competitors at bay.

Nobody else is teaching this and it’s one of the big reasons I stay happy and never worry about future updates.

Plus, once you go through the training, you’ll see the process for taking single pages to rank for hundreds, even thousands of relevant keywords in your niche.

Formulaic Certainty.  Once you go through the training, you’ll gain a confidence and certainty of exactly what to do in any niche or market you’re approaching.

You’ll see the process to quickly pinpoint common SEO problems (for your clients or even for you own websites) and most importantly how to make these simple changes to open up the floodgates for free traffic from the search engines.

You’ll now have the guidelines that will make your linkbuilding campaigns a walk in the park including Guerrilla link building strategies that get results even on a budget.

You’ll now have the blueprint for everything you need to launch a successful SEO campaign with a “McDonald’s like” formulaic certainty.

Create Content That Ranks Easily from our simple Framework. You’ll see the entire process from start to finish for scooping up hundreds of keyword rankings in no time…

Again all from just ONE page.

Forget the days of building a site to rank for a few keywords, we build pages that are our “money-makers” and we continue to stack more and more of these every month.

You’ll see Exponential Results using our Keyword Surge Formula. This will show you how to expand your traffic for profitable keywords to go after so you can get the maximum results from your SEO with the least amount of effort.

You’ll be armed with the Insider’s Secret to Uncovering Your First Targets so you’ll know how to begin seeing profitability in the fastest time frame possible.

This takes away the stress of wondering what to go after first which cripples so many starting out with their affiliate marketing.

Now, you’ll have an advantage of knowing and having complete confidence on what to target properly prioritizing your targets.

Gain The Unfair Advantage By Getting A Head Start In Your Marketplace using our Power Up Domains Strategy.  You’ll see how to gain authority and trust without begging anyone for links, without spending a fortune, and without waiting forever for your site to age.

This is an advanced hack to immediately claim authority that you can use to leverage rankings on the first page in as little as a few days.

Inside this training, you’ll see me go behind the scenes as you look over my shoulder with every nitty-gritty detail.

One page using this technique has yielded over $3,000 per month over the last 18 months.

Beginner to Advanced Backlinking Strategies that get results.  You’ll learn how to create backlinking campaigns that get results without waiting on the almighty Google to approve you, without begging for links, and without the guesswork.

The fact is we apply multiple strategies based on what we’re working with and you’ll see it all in this program.

You’ll gain access to multiple, highly tested recipes that you can implement safely and effectively by simply importing these campaigns into your business.

I’ll show you how we “stack” our link building efforts so that one piece of content gets multiplied automatically using FREE software.

Plus, You’ll Receive The Following Bonuses

Bonus # 1 Private Email Consultation for the Next 120 Days

You’ll get access to me and my team for the next 4 months by email where you can ask any of the questions you may have daily.

This is more than giving you some videos to follow along with – I’ll be helping you build your business by supporting you with any of the questions or road blocks you may have.

In my 12+ years experience in this game, I know we can step in and help you with any obstacle you may experience.

Bonus # 2 Hand Holding Group Calls for the next 60 days

In addition to all the systems, as well as the private email consultation, you’ll aslo get 60 days of hand holding calls to help you build your business.

These calls are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month and we’ll use these to go over new strategies and also to help you overcome any roadblocks you may be experiencing.

The bottom line is – we are here to help support you as you build your business.

Bonus # 3: DP’s New Affiliate Program

One of the best things I did as an affiliate was begin promoting higher ticket offers.

Now, you’ll be able to with my brand new, private affiliate program that we’re gearing up to launch in the coming weeks.

DP’s Toolbox

In addition to all of the training materials, I’m also going to throw in my very own toolbox.  This is collection of software that I’ve built for my business to give the needed edge to building and scaling your business

Download will be MEGA Drive (70.7 MB)

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