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FAN PAGE PROS – Organic Reach 1 MILLION PEOPLE in Just 2 DAYS with ZERO Paid Traffic! Download

FAN PAGE PROS – Organic Reach 1 MILLION PEOPLE in Just 2 DAYS with ZERO Paid Traffic !

What You Get?

Download FAN PAGE PROS – Organic Reach 1 MILLION PEOPLE in Just 2 DAYS with ZERO Paid Traffic!


Lesson #1: Introduction
– Overview of the entire training in the course including methods and strategies
– Outline the changes to the Facebook algorithm and how to SURVIVE the declining reach on Facebook
– Discuss the ways to ADAPT to new changes and TAP into the billions of users on Facebook

Lesson #2: Why Build A Facebook Fan Page?
– Identify and target your niche market on Facebook
– Why ESTABLISHING your online presence on the BIGGEST social media platform is important
– How a fan base is crucial in building brand LOYALTY in any business ventures

Lesson #3: Proper Page Setup
– How to OPTIMIZE each section of your fan page
– Step-by-step guide on how to setup up your fan page correctly with DETAILED EXAMPLES
– How to BOOST DISCOVERABILITY of your page to your audience

Lesson #4: Curating Viral Content
– How to EFFECTIVELY research your niche and curate quality content
– How to find PROVEN VIRAL content to increase organic reach
– Review different content strategies to MAXIMIZE your reach

Lesson #5: Creating Your Own Content
– How to produce your own original content efficiently
– Over-the-shoulder training on how to utilize different tools to create your own content
– How to LEVERAGE video content to boost your organic reach

Lesson #6: Posting Content
– How to fully utilize the tools and features provided by Facebook to build a POWERFUL fan page
– Review the best practices on how to post content without violating Facebook’s policies
– Unveil the best strategies to posting content that increases EXPOSURE

Lesson #7: Targeting The Right Audience
– Best ways to ensure that you content is seen by your niche market especially when building a brand new page FROM SCRATCH
– How to use news feed targeting to put your content in front of the RIGHT audience
– Why defining your target market is crucial to building a SUSTAINABLE fan base

Lesson #8: Scheduling Your Content
– How to schedule your posts to AUTOMATE the content on your page
– Reveal the BEST time of the day to post your content to MAXIMIZE your reach
– My EXACT method on how to increase the VISIBILITY of your posts

Lesson #9: Evergreen Content
– Best ways to recycle and re-purpose all your best performing posts to boost your reach
– How to find EVERGREEN content that can drive massive engagements OVER and OVER
– Why evergreen content is the best long-term strategy to get CONSISTENT engagements

Lesson #10: Post Formula to Drive Engagement
– Access to the exact HEADLINES that will increase likes, comments and shares
– Master my “3T Method” to EXPLODE organic traffic on Facebook
– Examples of posts that are effective in getting engagement

Lesson #11: Power of Facebook Groups
– Uncover the HIDDEN traffic sources on Facebook to drive TARGETED fans to your page
– How to NURTURE a passionate following for your brand
– Increase your customer retention through Facebook groups

Lesson #12: Cross Promotion
– How to utilize INFLUENCERS to promote your fan page
– Best ways to FUNNEL traffic from other social media platforms to your Facebook fan page

Lesson #13: Ranking on Google (SEO Training)
– How to fully OPTIMIZE your page to increase organic traffic
– Best METHODS to rank your fan page in Google’s search engine using backlinks and Web 2.0
– Gain added VISIBILITY to your fan page through SEO

Lesson #14: Things To Avoid / Best Practices
– Explore more strategies on how to engage your fans
– How to properly monitor and manage your page on a daily basis
– Best practices on how to get your content noticed

Lesson #15: Analyzing Post Data
– How to MONITOR and MEASURE the growth of your page
– Properly EVALUATE your page’s insights data
– Track important Facebook data metrics to understand your POST PERFORMANCE

Lesson #16: Outsourcing
– Complete guide on how to fully AUTOMATE your Facebook fan page(s)
– How to OUTSOURCE tedious work to other members of your team
– SWIPE our exact virtual assistant daily tasks sheet

Lesson #17: Page Likes Ad Training **Added Bonus**
– How to run a SUCCESSFUL page like ads on Facebook
– Step-by-step guide on how to create a page like campaign
– Best methods for running page like engagement advertisement

Lesson #18: Facebook Messenger Bots
– Over-the-shoulder training on how to properly setup a Facebook Messenger bot for your Facebook fan page
– Why setting up a Facebook Messenger Bot can help drive SALES and LEADS to your business
– Reveal my #1 recommended service provider

Lesson #19: Bonus
– Real examples of viral posts that received MILLIONS of organic reach
– Discuss different post ideas that you can curate or produce yourself
– Explore more tips and tricks to boost your reach

Lesson #20: Recap
– Complete SUMMARY of the entire training
– Discuss why most people FAIL with building their fan pages organically
– Overview of the steps and processes that you can follow to build a successful page

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