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In this video course you’ll learn in detail the exact methods to build and lead virtual teams of global freelancers and scale your workforce in the most flexible way. The result of mastering this knowledge is that you’ll be able to

  • Always have the right skills and staff capacity in your team
  • Lead virtual teams by results and gain trust without physical presence in an office
  • Build a culture of high performance in your team
  • Scale your workforce in the most flexible way and say “goody bye” to any kind of staff shortages

This academy was created based on experience in leading globally distributed virtual teams of over 400 freelancers in over 67 countries delivering over 200.000 hours of work per year. This knowledge can be applied to any kind of digital work, from digital marketing, software development for any technology, accounting, sales, digital construction, customer service etc.

This knowledge is structured for you in the following modules so that you can easily understand the exact methods, workflows and all details to implement a scalable workforce with virtual teams of both full time employees and global freelancers in your business:

1) The basics of successful virtual teams
In this video you’ll get to know the fundamentals of leading virtual teams of global freelancers successfully and how to build a culture of high performance.

2) Finding the right experts
In this video you’ll learn the basics of finding the right experts that fit into your team culture and deliver the results that you need.

3) Defining roles properly
In this video you’ll learn exactly how to define roles as the basis of finding the right freelancers for your team. You’ll get a role template that you can customize to find your perfect freelancers.

4) Keeping your team focused
In this video you’ll learn exactly how to keep your team focused and how to avoid distractions.

5) The 3 core roles of each team
In this video you’ll learn how to set up a proper team-architecture of expert roles so that every core accountability is covered and the team has a solid basis to become a high performance team.

6) Selecting the right tools
In this video you’ll learn what’s important when selecting tools for your organization to enable *remote work* and *virtual teams* and foster successful, global collaboration with transparency and control over results and progress.

7) Scrum in virtual teams
In this video, you’ll learn exactly how scrum works in virtual teams, which roles and workflows exist and how to use scrum in your own virtual team to get the required flexibility and reliable results.

8) Proper onboarding and offboarding
In this video you’ll learn how to create and execute a structured and efficient onboarding process for new experts joining your team so that you can speed up the process to scale your team.

9) Delegating properly
In this video you’ll learn how to delegate properly with clearity and get the results that you need in a reliable way. This delegation template helps you to avoid the most common mistakes that lead to frequent disappointment.

10) Identifying performance risks
In this video you’ll learn how to identify performance risks in your team early so that you can take action before these risks become reality.

11) Effective communication

12) Improving performance continuously
In this video you’ll learn how to improve the performance of your team continuously and systematically. This will help your team to become a high performance engine to scale your business.

13) Giving effective feedback
In this video you’ll learn how to give effective feedback that people can understand, execute and that will result in real performance improvements of individuals and your whole team.

14) Time management with time boxes
In this video you’ll learn exactly how to manage your time more effectively using time boxes and how to keep everyone in the team focused on what really matters (frequent meetings DON’T!).

15) Self-Organization hacks
In this video you’ll learn some self organization hacks to keep yourself structured and organized. Remember that only a person that is able to lead herself can lead others effectively.

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