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Laura Belgray – Inbox Hero

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Get opened. Get read. Get paid.
Talking Shrimp’s
Inbox Hero
Email Copywriting Course

Emails are your most powerful tool for getting your audience to pant, drool,
and joyfully fork over fat cash for everything you sell.

Here’s how you can INSTANTLY sharpen yours.

Imagine being able to crank out emails that…

– Stand out from all the dreck (and even the very best stuff) in someone’s inbox
– Build lasting know, like, trust, and hot business lust in your subscribers
– Get readers reaching, even running for their credit cards
– Position you as a leader and an authority — no wait, a GOD
– Get people so excited, they open your messages the second you appear in their inbox
– Pop with personality and riveting stories from your everyday life…in a way that brings clear value to your reader
– Prove so dangerously entertaining that people walk headfirst into poles while reading them….But even with temporary brain damage, they’ll remember one thing: YOU.

Here’s the makeover-style
email marketing course…

…That’ll get you thinking like a swift, brilliant email copywriter.
(Just by soaking up the glory of before-and-after email examples — over 100 pages’ worth!)

A peek inside:

New coach with a (free) offer
Coach welcome series email
Quiz software business (SAAS) welcome email
Real estate agency welcome email
New podcast episode email
The personal-brand e-commerce welcome email
Vintage clothing store everyday promo email
What’s a reverse makeover?
The super-short, high-ticket sell email (AKA the $17k, 26-word email)
The welcome sequence “engage with me” fun facts email
Teaser to blog post
The affiliate launch warm-up email
The “straight sell” (sort of) email

The “straight sell” (sort of) email 2
The going-on-hiatus email
The army-issue email you have to send for legal reasons – made FUN
The start-of-launch “whip up desire” email
The “check me out, I’m on a podcast” email
The “Share My Sh*t” swipe email
The “What should I do with this rando story” email
The thought-piece email
The “why you should stick with us” confirmation email
The daily (or frequent) newsletter not “selling” anything
The “everyday details of life” used as a teachable email (also, affiliate promotion)
The Inbox Hero Simple Framework
Inbox Hero Checklist

In this easy-to-digest guide, you’ll learn how to..

  • Be more concise
  • Clear out all the “verbal bubble wrap” that’s burying your powerful message
  • Paint vivid pictures with your words
  • Create tantalizing cliffhangers within your emails
  • Stop impatient, speedy, skimming eyeballs
  • Get a hurried reader to willingly go back and re-read more carefully
  • Speak commandingly without being pushy
  • Leverage simple formatting tricks that grab the reader’s eye (and brain)
  • Give CTAs extra urgency (hint: it’s all about the specifics – see the Supergoodie Silverlake email)
  • Reverse-engineer an email you love and replicate its success – without actually copying
  • Get buyers jumping at a high-ticket offer in under 26 words
  • Get subscribers who “never write back to anyone” to write back to YOU – and why that matters
  • Warm up readers to any promotion, even one that wouldn’t naturally be “on brand” for you
  • Weave in powerful social proof without seeming like a braggy blowhard

What’s in it? You get…


  • Over 100 pages of point-by-point, detailed email breakdowns (PDF format, read it on your screen or print it, bind it, laminate it, keep it on your desk for always and give it to your grandchildren….Who will teleport to you to ask, “What was email, Memaw/ Grandpappy?”)


  • The super-simple, “OK, I can do this” 9-step email framework, from subject line to “ps.” Use it to get in the flow when you’re stuck for what comes next.
  • The ULTIMATE checklist to make every email an EFAB (Email From A Bestie) and an ETS (Email That Sells) before you hit SEND!
    28 must-check-off items broken into categories:
  • Subject Line
  • Preview Text
  • Greeting
  • Start of Email
  • Tone
  • Economy/ Clarity
  • Punch, Personality, Storytelling
  • Readability
  • 21 Ways To Write Better Emails: A printable desk reference guide. Or, bookmark it in your browser

Devour my best email writing secrets to:

Write “must-open” subject lines

Stop being boring and samey

Whip up hot desire for something before you sell it

Get subscribers to celebrate – and amplify – your wins

Appeal to the potent human desire for connection with one single word

Fuse your most random stories to a highly satisfying takeaway – so readers are never left wondering, “What’s the point?”

Leverage the “first glance” trick for higher open rates (that even most top marketers don’t know)

Tell stories that stick and keep us reading down to the bottom

Be unforgettable – literally (leave this one thing out of your email, and readers might have no idea who you are)

Segue gracefully from a random story to a pitch that sells

Weave in powerful social proof without being a braggy blowhard

Create intimacy that makes your reader want to be your BFF

…and more

For every example, you’ll see new tools and nuances
to apply them to your own emails, right away —
to instantly make them:

– compulsively readable
– powerfully persuasive
– impossible NOT to open

You’re about to take a key step to making email the humming profit center of your business
…even if you have a teeny list!
READY FOR THAT? (Yeah you are.)

“What if I already have The Copy Cure?”
And other FAQs

I already have and love The Copy Cure!
Is this different?

And the answer is YES! 100% different.

And, as with everything I create, it’s a perfect complement to The Copy Cure.

Inbox Hero is a high-level deep dive into compelling, personable, and persuasive email writing.

It’s done makeover-style, with over 100 pages of all new before-and-afters.

You’ll see magic transformations of emails that could use some sprucing up, plus reverse makeovers: emails that work well, showing you exactly why they work (and how you can apply the same techniques to yours).

It covers selling strategy as well as writing craft.

For instance:

– What do you say to your list to warm them up to a promotion of something that isn’t a natural fit for your brand?

– What do you say to them the instant they sign up, so they love you (and white-list you) forever?

– What do you say when you’re not selling anything?

There’s no overlap in content with The Copy Cure, except that you’ll see the fundamental writing techniques from The Copy Cure (like “show, don’t tell,” cutting the word bloat, using “you” to snap readers to attention) brought to life in new ways, right in the emails I make over.

Q: What if I’m not a copywriter?
It’s not my forte.

Oh, watch out! This course will make writing your forte. Email copywriting is different from other copywriting, because it’s generally creative writing with a call to action.

Whether or not you write for clients, if you have a business or anything to sell, I firmly believe you should get great at writing emails. To a list. It’ll do wonders for your business that you can’t anticipate.

Q: Ugh, I hate writing emails to my list! I’m an artist and would way rather spend my energy on my art.

I hear you! Most artists would rather be art-ing. But what if you could share what you’re working on consistently, stay top of mind, and get regular feedback (in the form of, “this made my day”)?

I can’t guarantee how the course will make you feel about email, but I can definitively say that other artists have loved it and said it gave them tons of ideas.

Say you’re an illustrator. Your “newsletter” could simply be an illustration and a few words each time. Make someone’s day, change how they see things, inspire them to do their own art. You can do all that if you get into an email groove. And, in return, it makes you a celebrity and the first person they think of when someone says “I need an illustrator.”

I’m clear that nothing beats email for creating a lasting and lucrative connection with your audience.

There’s my sermon! Hope it helps you decide if Inbox Hero is right for you.

Q: How long will Inbox Hero take me to complete?

First of all, you get instant access to the whole course. It’s not a dripped-module training.

So you can binge it in one sitting, like Sadra (see her review, above), or you can course it out over time. How long that takes you depends on how fast you read, and how thoroughly you take in the notes, and whether you take action as you go.

You might pore over a couple of makeovers and immediately run off to write an email to your list, or to change up your automated welcome sequence.

My prediction: You’ll be inspired to get writing in between bouts of learning.

Prepare to create, create, create.

Download will be MEGA Drive (12.6 MB)


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