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Stefan Djordjevic – Mini Startups Course Download

Stefan Djordjevic – Mini Startups Course

What You Get?

Download Stefan Djordjevic – Mini Startups Course

The course is taught by Stefan Djordjevic, Founder @ Martian and Former UX Designer @ Apple / Project Analyst @ NASA.

Worth it’s weight in legal docs alone!
We paid not 1, not 2, but 3 corporate lawyers for guidance and legal docs. You get these documents along with the course.

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  • Final Homework Assignment! 142 KB


  • Why you should take the Mini Startups course 2 mins
  • Why I started the Mini Startups course 2 mins
  • Why I started Mini Startups (pt. 2)

I. UI/UX Design Module

  • Interesting Slack app that probably has a lot of users 3 mins
  • Designing Meme Doppler in less than 30 minutes 30 mins
  • Meme Doppler competitors 6 mins
  • Designing Zebra App 13 mins
  • Zebra + Meme Doppler designs (Sketch file) 21.9 MB
  • Building a company live on Reddit – StudyHub 47 mins

II. Business Module

  • Why I’m bullish on Slack apps 2 mins
  • Listen to your customer’s problems instead of their solutions, because chances are they don’t know what they want 3 mins
  • I’ve never even started a company. What do I need? 8 mins
  • Issuing equity to founders – maximize motivation! 3 mins
  • Listen to but also build for your customers 3 mins
  • Partner with the high intelligence, high integrity, high energy people 2 mins
  • The missing key trait in a co-founder – character! 2 mins
  • The people you work with should have Principal (AKA founder) mentality 2 mins
  • Give people only as much access as they need, no MORE! 2 mins
  • Starting a shell + subsidiary company 2 mins
  • Novo vs Azlo – which challenger bank is better for business? 2 mins
  • Use LinkedIn automation tool Linked Helper for finding software devs 2 mins
  • Finding software engineers on UpWork 2 mins
  • II. Business Module: Quiz
  • Become a better founder through “mini” angel investing 2 mins
  • Coming up with app ideas – find demand 4 mins

III. Legal Module

  • IP Assignment – have everyone sign it ASAP 2 mins
  • Cease and desist letters – don’t panic! It’s not that scary 2 mins
  • Memo of Understanding makes it easier to highlight roles/responsibilities 2 mins
  • Independent Contractor Agreement – an exchange of value between two parties 2 mins
  • NDAs – Unilateral or Mutual? 2 mins
  • Unconscionable documents, be fair with your employees/contractors 2 mins
  • Do what’s right for the company as a whole, including clear communication 3 mins
  • Operating Agreement – this details how your company operates 5 mins
  • Start with the highest leverage document and then move downwards 4 mins
  • Royalty Contract – incentivize the long term, but put a cap on it! 4 mins
  • Legal Docs
  • Term Sheet AMA w/ Brian Alford
  • How to get an Instagram username someone else has or is inactive
  • IV. Growth Hacking Module
  • App Decision Matrix.png 3.43 MB
  • Growth hacking – is your app worth marketing? 1 min
  • What is the REAL definition of product-market fit? 2 mins
  • App Decision Matrix Part 1 – Yik Yak revived 4 mins
  • App Decision Matrix Part 2 – Yik Yak competitor? 2 mins
  • App Decision Matrix Part 3 – Zebra, an anonymous chat app 5 mins
  • App Decision Matrix Part 4 – Meme Doppler, a weather app for memes 7 mins
  • App Decision Matrix Part 5 – Visa Information, a VISA app for travelers 7 mins
  • How do I come up with an app idea? iOS App Store 14 mins
  • 7 guerrilla tactics to market your B2C App 4 mins
  • Growth hacking on reddit (via niche spamming) 4 mins
  • Growth hacking on Reddit Public Access Network (RPAN): 1,263 unique watchers, 65 upvotes, 2 downvotes, 9 new followers

IV. Growth Hacking Module: Quiz

  • Cold calling roadmap – 8 phone calls to close a deal 23 mins
  • Cold calling – Honesty is the best sales tool 1 min
  • Slack App Ideas
  • Pomodoro Timer – another Slack App favorite 3 mins
  • Poll Cat – A funny Slack app 3 mins
  • LiveCall – my high-conviction Slack App 5 mins
  • Every Slack app organized by Alexa Ranking as of April 2020
  • A combined iOS + Slack app
  • Mini Startups Slack App – Pomodoro Timer
  • Mini Startups Slack App – Poll Cat
  • Mini Startups Slack App – LiveCall

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