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MindValley – Kristina Mand Lakhiani – Live By Your Own Rules Download

MindValley – Kristina Mand Lakhiani – Live By Your Own Rules

What You Get?

Download MindValley – Kristina Mand Lakhiani – Live By Your Own Rules

Stop Living for Everyone Else So You Can Shape a Genuine, Extraordinary, & Conscious Life By Your Own Rules

Introducing a Complete Journey to Your Most Authentic Self.

Live By Your Own Rules with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani is a thorough exploration that leads you to self-discovery, self-liberation, and the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

For 15 minutes a day over 31 days, Kristina will guide you through her unique process to shed the masks of society, identify your personal truths, and nurture your relationship with yourself.

You’ll no longer be bound by society’s standards and expectations. Instead, you’ll learn ways to innovate on how you work, love, play, and even fulfill your purpose. You’ll define happiness, pleasure, and success according to your terms and your goals.

Uncertainty and change won’t rattle you, because you’ll be truly comfortable with yourself, so you can take life as it comes.

And as you journey deeper into your core relationship, you’ll begin to accept all the nuanced dimensions of you, as you live and express yourself truthfully.

By the end of the Quest with Kristina, your relationship with yourself will be so solid that society’s standard will never derail your authenticity again.

What You’ll Learn
– Discover Your Divine Self:
– Uncover a deep awareness of who you are so you can fall in love with your authentic self everyday.
– Overcome Emotional Obstacles:
– Develop a unique process that allows you to defeat depression and puts you in control of your emotions.
– Embody Bliss & Joy:
– Let your authenticity guide you higher and higher so that you’re always soaring in happiness.
– Greater Self-Love:
– Uncover, conquer, and tick away the small yet pivotal milestones towards self-acceptance, self-liberation, and authentic living.
– Live Authentically:
– Identify and be clear about the roles that you play, the masks that you wear, and the beliefs that are running your decisions.
– Self-Acceptance:
– Begin to accept all the nuanced dimensions of you, be it the light or the dark side of your personality.
– Be Courageous:
– Sail over anxiety and fear, no matter what challenges you or what changes life throws your way.

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